Monday, August 24, 2009


I have written about the winds we get on our lake here at teh cottage. So the first photo shows the wave action. I don't know if you get the idea, but we had honkin' waves on Friday. The docks were rockin and rollin making it difficult to get to the big boats. So we never worry about the two little boats that are on the inside of the docks!

Well the waves and rain actually sank the yellow boat. It has never happened before. I think that this was the remnents of "Bill". We couldn't bail the boat till the wind died down a bit.

Well then the boat was sinking more and my
sweetie thought there would be damage to the
motor so he put a set of pulleys across the docks
just enough to raise the boat and bail it out.

Of course during this, he was being pushed a bit and he kept stepping on stones, he twisted his knee which is now quite swollen. He said that the wind had shifted rocks from the bottom of the lake and he couldn't see them, so he stepped on a couple and hense the damage to the knee.

He's in bed with ice packs right now and tylenol as it's still swollen after three days! And you know what men can be like!

I am going home today. Doctor appointments tomorrow to have the bunion xrayed and also the hip and knee areas to see if there is any damage there as I have been quite sore. You know what women are like.....we don't complain! (big grin here)

I am so looking forward to shopping for fabric. I have so little left here and four tops to be finished. Very excited about that and hoping that there is some sales. It's the end of summer, there should be something for me.

See you in a few days as I am not taking the computer home....