Saturday, June 4, 2011


 I'm writing again about Friday on Saturday.  I can't seem to find the time on Fridays, I don't know if it's just too much on my mind that day, or I procrastinate...

Yesterday though was a real reason to write today because I had an 8:30 am appointment for the removal of the 5" spike as I called it that has been there for 6 weeks.  Ewww!  Yes, imagine that.  My grandkids just said...don't talk about your foot Nana....they couldn't look at it without cringing.  Imagine me?  I cringed for six weeks too!

Anyway, it came out in seconds, now I'm left with just the discomfort of it all.  I'm moving on
from this topic right now before you all start
going ewwww too!

I have been knitting during the bunion thing recovery so here is a couple of photos of the lovely socks that I knit.  I say lovely as I just love the colours in this variagated wool.  I have many more sock knit to show later and I now knit them variagated matching.  I know, it's more boring for me to match them up, but matchy matchy is now my challenge.

The second photo is the fingerless gloves that I've knit.  I also have those in variagated left over wool from the socks.  They really are my favourite thing to knit.  I made up the pattern myself and the thumb is either a left or right to knit.  It doesn't matter.  Easy to knit and fun for anyone who loves these projects.

This past Monday, we had the honour to witness the Civic Awards in Pickering, where our daughter lives with the two hopeful Olympians.  They were honoured to receive the Amateur Athletic Award from the city.  For them it was special, but for me the pride was so visible that I had a perpetual grin all evening.  They did us proud!

Civic awards are given to the unsung heroes of our communities.  Be it the person who gives of their time to coach children, to start a reading program, to spend endless hours preserving the heritage that is our places of residence.  To witness the awards on Monday just reminded me of how people generously give of their time.  We should look around and keep it in our hearts to say thank you to them. 

We are back at the cottage.  Of course it's raining today, dark and dreary too.  I just looked up at my hummingbird feeder and there is three, count them three females eating.  The females share the food.  The pesky males don't.  On days like this, the little birds will feed almost constantly to keep up their energy.

We bought beautiful hanging baskets yesterday on our way here.  As we put them on the dock there apppeared a hummer who couldn't wait till we hung them up.  Started on the flowers right away!  Absolute bliss for both of us to see.

I also plan to do some sewing this coming few days if my foot doesn't swell too much.  I'm moaning again I know, but  I want to!

No sign of the bear for the past week, wonderful news. 
Thanks for being here.  Sharing is everything in blogland.