Wednesday, March 28, 2012


An artist, Simon Beck in Savoi France, spends his days, walking on snow shoes to create these fabulous patterns in the snow to create snow quilts.

The quilts take approximately five to nine hours to create.

Enjoy yourself looking at these.
My sister in law found this site  and
she thought I would love this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 Cocoa Beach is just down the road from Cape Canaveral.  The LaQuinta Hotel was built by the original astronauts as you can see from the plaque at our hotel.

Apparently, so the history has been told to me, the goverment felt that the Original 7 should not 
profit by their fame!  So after a few years, it became something else and now is a LaQuinta.

 CBS had its headquarters at this hotel (talk about profits) and the families of the astronauts lived above the headquarters when they were in town.

So many of the streets in this town
are named after different things that
reflect something of flights from here.There is even an "I dream of Jeanie" street.

Our grandson, Jeremy who is pictured at the pool of the hotel, is in Melbourne Beach at a Canoe/Kayak training camp.  He is with two other boys also working hard.   We took them 
shopping for food.  What an ex
perience that was as our truck is
full of our belongings, so we 
packed as much as we could leaving 
the cover unhooked so as not to
crush eggs and the cereals.  They
are good for the next couple of 

I have finished Jeremy's sweater. It wasn't fun for him trying it on in 85 degrees F weather!  It fits, but if he muscles out more, I think the mother or sister of this guy will want it.  I'm not happy with how the bottom is, but am assured that it does stop the curling out that I see when being a critic of the pattern.  Next time I would do a binding on the bottom.

The space centre awaits visitors and I do think that we will go today as it is cloudy after a torrential downpour this morning.

I have been told by Helen my friend and teacher that the ice is out on most of the lake.  However, that doesn't mean that the boats are ready to be launched, so we will be travelling a bit more.

Don't you just love my life these days?  I do!