Friday, June 19, 2009


Well we just couldn't stand the dial up and since my sweetie had to do business on line, well, you know what happened....this, I can now read blogs, post photos and just be smiling when I have my coffee in the mornings and read what you are all doing with your blogs!

The rainbow is to show my happiness! Isn't it a beauty? My friend Helen called from her cottage and said to look out as the rainbow was just there across the lake and it was awesome! I just clicked one photo...yeah I know, I should have taken more, but this was it and it's a beauty.

I am finally out of my funk and started sewing yesterday. It really was because of Mary my neighbour from Whitby who is visiting, said that it was time to get going on projects. So I started. I hope to do lots today and maybe get something to show you tomorrow.

I have been pressing and trimming my grandmother's little blocks. 2 7/8 is small for me to work with and I still have no idea what I will do when I finish with them. I have about 8 books from Helen to inspire me. I have a bunch of ideas rolling in this head, amongst other things in there, but as yet, no concrete idea as the fabric is mainly blue tones and I have no blues in my life of pun, but today, I am happy, no blues at all.

One of our neighbours, not next to us thank goodness has decided that the path that has been in existance for 30 years for islanders to walk to and from each other is bothering them because the path is in front of their he has asked us to walk in the back of the cottage. Good Grief! There's bugs, garbage, brush and no defined area, so it is quite difficult to find a spot.
I did try it but I had to balance myself by hanging on to their cottage and I could hear every word they's just not safe and a few confrontations have ensued amonst the neighbours but not me yet.

So it reminds me of a story of a different cottager's solution on this lake. It seems that one guy, Mr Brown decided that he didn't like Mr Smith's grandkids running on the beach areas at the front of his cottage. He told Mr Smith to keep his kids on his own property and actually drew a line in the sand pointing out the property line. Now Mr Brown's wife was trying to calm him down and he was having none of it.

So...........Mr Smith called a local contractor, ordered fencing about 8ft high, instructing said contractor to install a fence on his property 12" from the property line and to please paint the fence on one side florescent orange....Got the picture?

So early one morning, the crew arrives with posts, diggers and installs about a dozen 8ft posts and proceeds to put up the fence. You can imagine the reaction from Mr Brown. He came yelling outside his cottage and asked what the h... they were doing? The contractor said that he had been instructed to put up a privacy fence 12" inside the property line and that Mr. Smith was on Mr Brown's property by about 12"....Mr Smith's wife came out and asked that the Brown's please come and discuss this. In the end, Mr Smith paid for the materials, the contractors 3 hours work ($45.00 per) and the removal of said fence.

Now, I don't think we are coming to that as the adjoining neighbours here will just stand firm I think and tell them to make a proper path and define it without us to make a march into the forest behind all our cottages. Stupid people I tell you. To cross the property takes about 15 seconds and it's only 2 or three people that do it and it's maybe once during any day...It's a cottage life and we are supposed to be relaxed here...oh well, it will work itself out.

I am having my coffee with you all this morning. My life is good, and I thank the persons who ever thought of satellites for internet!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is just a short post to let you know that we are alive and well here in Paradise. The bear is long gone from the island. The bear tale did get bigger and bigger as the stories were told and the footprints were deeper and deeper in the sand. ....You know how stories go.

We are having wonderful weather and finally having warm days to kill the black flies who can be very pesky.

I am not able to read the blogs you write, but will be able to soon as we are getting satellite internet sometime this week. Wahoo! I can hardly wait.

Thinking of you all and will be back soon.