Saturday, January 12, 2013


Oh, sometimes I hate, unless I am in Picassa, which limits my use of its space, I cannot put a photo on my blog.

What is wrong with me?  For some reason, I have so many problems with blogging. 

Anyway, we are well and happy in Florida, am shopping online and in the shops around me. 

If anyone knows how to get my photos online without using Picassa, let me know.

Living here for the winter, life becomes one social event after an other.  There has been a big turkey pot luck dinner featuring the aforementioned bird, lots of veggie dishes and some amazing lemon squares.  I think we should be making a cook book what with the foodies talking about their favs.

The Elvis birthday party was a bit over the top, but a fun way for people to get together as an excuse.  One of the ladies here is an Elvisholic to the point that she has a life size of himself in white sequin suit.   Funny!

Yesterday our friends from Whitby arrived to lots of hugs and happiness.  The dogs were more crazy than the people.  My wild westie finally collapsed peacefully into sleep after about 15 minutes. 

Dinner of seafood is always my way of being happy.  Here we get fresh of everything and the oyster bars are being rated all the time when I find a new one.

from Florida, I send greetings.