Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The seas are very rough, the storms were around us all day yesterday with tornado warnings in the area.  It was beautiful to see the Gulf of Mexico in its glory! 

I went for a walk along the beach in the afternoon and this was washed up on the beach...a sea sponge.   I had not seen one in years so it was a surprise.  I presented it to the staff here to see if they had seen one before.   Nope.  A new thing in their life.   Very interesting day indeed.

I am buying fabrics here and there, doing the Daily Deal on the Missouri Star site is great fun.  Quilton reminded me to buy the quilting clips the other day which were on for .33 plus $5.00 shipping was a great price.  I know people use hair clips etc., but these are going to help with the sewing of the bindings.

I do wish I had brought my sewing machine now.  I know that knitting is easy to carry, but I miss my sewing time.

I have knit at least a half dozen pairs of socks, and even a prayer shawl...I do need the fringes on it though to make it look proper.   Not that I pray, but these days here in the US, we are all putting the people of Newtown in our hearts at least as they must put together a future without 20 children and six teachers in their community.

I am flying home for Christmas to cherish and hug my family.  My friend Mary is doing the dinner which is always a wonderful feast for all expecially the blending of our families.   Merry Christmas.