Saturday, February 28, 2009


See that carpet of flowers? Well it's an annual exhibition in Brussels. These photos are from last year!. Isn't that amazing? This all started in 1971 apparently to promote the beauty of begonias and all the colours of this plant.

Each year this carpet is produced using flowers, mulch and a few other materials to create this effect.

I bet they could do a dear jane quilt with the flowers too!

I have seen in magazines, paintings on outhouses, barns, sidings showing quilt blocks and a flower one would be a challenge. Enjoy the photos which I received by email.

You can see from the second photo how they
arrange the flowers and start the process.
Ok, it is a lot of bending over and I could not possible try this, but you get the idea.

The third photo is of the ground level display of all the flowers in this square.

My daughter Kelly who loves, and I mean loves
to garden is speechless now looking at this magnificent carpet of flowers! Try that Kel!

The cold has returned to Southern Ontario with a vengeance and so I am going to try to quilt another top that has been awaiting my pleasures.

I know that the cold isn't going to last for long, and just the little enticement of spring has brought the deer to my neighbours back fence. She saw five of them yesterday, just walking along the fence nibbling at the vines which had some leaves and berries left over that the birds had not eaten. She didn't take a photo as she thought that they would see her and run! They did that when the dog moved a bit and they were gone! I know that some of you see them all the time in your areas, but we live in a subdivision! The greenbelt that surrounds some of this area isn't that isolated so it was with joy that Mary saw the deer!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well here is the Pat Sloan, quilt finished.

I really love this. I finished it with the orange that was left over. I used all pieces of fabric that I had and did the back in the large floral print that is on the front. My sweetie just loves it and says not to give this one away too.

I really enjoyed making this and learned a lot about pattern fitting techniques. I think I 'll try another just to get it down right.

I wonder how many of the bloggers actually visit all the people that are listed on the sidebars. I see some have around 30 "favorites" on their lists. I find it hard to visit the ones I have on mine and feel that they are there because the ones in my sidebar are visited regularly and I do take the time to visit them because I like the blogs.

I have visited others and note them to see if they are worth adding to the sidebar or just to periodically see what's doing. Just a thought. I feel that the sites that I drop in and visit are usually worth a note and that does take time.

I always love to read even a single line that has been noted and think that it's so nice to read that someone has taken the time to make comment on my blog. I remember the first comment I received. I mean the first comment from someone other than my daughter Kelly who would comment as annonymous because she didn't know how to do the leave comment thing. The first blogger was names Suze. She didn't come back though. I don't know what happened to her, but there are those of you who have stayed with me and comment all the time. If I name you and then leave someone out, I would hurt feelings. So for those of you who visit often, give me advice and drop in frequently, you have no idea how pleased it makes me.

Oh boy, I was getting syrupy there. It must be the coming warm weather around the corner. Our snow is melting in the back yard and OMG, the dogs have lived there for a couple of months and I must clean it up tomorrow before the next snow fall. It's a mine field out there!

I hope you like the quilt.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well as you can see I ended up chosing the green. It was a hard decision because I also liked the white and the little flower print. But the orange in the print was "off" and the white was good, but the green really goes with the back which is the large flower print.
I did make the strips only 3" so they ended up 2 1/2" and it looks really good. I want to thank those that commented on downsizing my strips.
I have it stippled almost finished but can't quite decide on the binding. I think I will use the centre orange. I have enough of it left to do it.
This has been fun to do and I think I will now be able to do a disappearing patch as this is how they are done, right? Cut the centres and turn them around. I am gaining confidence.
I wanted to post this as I have been anxious to post the quilt. My sweetie also liked the green as did Kelly and they both have good colour sense.
We are awaiting daylight savings which comes into effect on March the 8th I think. I would be happy to not have the changes and it seems we are moving to that as this is earliest of the time changes that I can remember. Wasn't it supposed to help the farmers? Do you really think the cows are able to tell time? Do the sheep? Since the days are getting longer I feel spring is not to far away for those of us who have lived through this awful winter weather.
By the way, I loved the Academy Awards. I had no idea that Hugh Jackman could sing and dance. I loved his stuff and he looked so relaxed, as did Will Smith. Will could do the show too I think. I loved all the gowns and especially Penelope Cruz's gown. It was a vintage gown from a collection that she had seen 8 yrs ago and loved it. But I tell you some of those women need to eat! Did you see the bones sticking out of Angela Jolie? Gee, she looks like she has anorexia, I swear. I loved Mylee Cyrus's dress too, she looked like a princess. The Slum Dog entourage were very classy and they deserved their award! Sean nice to see him smile! And I do love Kate Winslett. At least she has some meat on her bones!
Isn't it fun to diss those "stars"?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, I can't decide which colour to do the strips between these orange squares. I have looked at all the possiblities and it's hard to decide.
So the examples below are what I have come up with. I did think of yellow too, but just didn't do that one because it's a bit overwhelming.
I like the green best I think as it really pops the squares and there's a bit of green in the patterns.
I also liked that bias fabric, but then I'd have to square up the diagonals and I just know I couldn't do that. It's too hard for me to do.
I think the orange is just too much. And the white is the same, just a lot of white.
I'd like to do the sashings vertical and horizontal, keeping them the same.
I'm leaving it and will decide tomorrow I think.
This has been very fun to do and very quick I must say. I may try this with other colour combinations just for the fun of it.
I also think that 4" sashings and the binding being orange with the back being one of the sasing colours just might do it. I also thought to use the pattern of white print that is on the square too for the back.
A dilemna in the making here.