Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just a short blog what?  I just can't decide which colour to do the back of this quilt.

Do I just do one of the solid colours, say blue or green? 

Would you do a print on the back?  A stripe?  I do want to make the binding black.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 I bought two jellies from Walmart last week.  The colours are so bright!

I added the black to it and sewed 6 strips together of part of the strips.

I'm making this for a boy so I didn't add the girlie stuff.

I then cut 11" blocks, added another black strip to opposite strips.

This is just a sample of what I may end up with. 

This now measures about 36" wide and with a large border to be determined, I've got an easy strippie quilt which looks amazing if I do say so myself!
I used part of the jellies you see here on the right.  Cost about $10.00 each and I have enough to make a few more easy strippie quilts to finish at the cottage.

The Missouri Star Quilt Co. must be thanked for showing this easy quilt.

They have so many tutorials for easy fun sewing.  I'm hooked!

Monday, April 11, 2011


 This morning bright and early my
granddaughter Tory called, asking
for another sewing lesson.

Here is the inside of the bag she made.  Well 90% of it anyway as she had difficulty with the zipper.  I hate doing zips too, but actually did it on the outside so it does look good.

Her friend Kelly also came to get a lesson.  Both the girls picked their
fabrics, cut and quilted same .

 Kelly chose a flowered print while Tory loves dots so that was her choice.

We are in the midst of actually clearing out so much of the basement which is a mess, but we
got our heads together and sewed for about three hours and finished these great bags.

I'm out of zippers now for doing these bags, but with them being such a hit, when there's the next sale on I'll buy a bunch.

Funny when young people put things together, they have no fear of colour
choices which says a lot for adults who take ages to pick colours.  The
girls just took seconds.

I also have another top done so that will be tomorrow.

A new discovery of mine is the Missouri Quilting Company, they have so many great videos and I did a top from one of their very informative site.

Cheers people, the spring weather has arrived.