Monday, April 26, 2010


See the little bear which was quilted by one of the ladies
from the quilt show I visited last month with my new
friend Peggi.\?

Well, it's the only bear that I've seen. None were seen this year on our trip to the cottage.

We usually see at least one! But this one which was quilted in free motion was very cute indeed!

We could not believe the weather. It must be the same for all of America and Canada. Spring has arrived!

I must say the water levels are very low compared to recent years. This year there is literally no run offs because there was so little snow this past winter.

All the way north, the rivers, the streams, and the large lakes had levels much much lower than years past. I read that some marinas and boat launching sites are not able to launch boats due to the water levels being so low. Next year we will complain that we are flooded! No one is ever happy with each situation. Me? I'm happy, as I have had a great weekend.

I cook! It's what I do at the cottage. I like feeding people! It's that simple. I'm not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but I try to please everyone. Now my specialty is Prime Rib Roast. It's not that it's a secret recipe, but for any beef to be tender, it must be aged. I buy a roast or steaks and age them for at least a week, then I marinate them in my secret marinade. If you want it let me know. I can't publish it as it will be a rage!

So needless to say, we had Prime Rib this weekend and ohs and ahs made my weekend. On Sunday, I decided to make muffins that looked yummy in the magazine that I had, so I started making them and found I didn't have yoghurt, oh, that's ok I thought, I'll use sour cream....well I forgot that at I used mayo. I'm telling you that these were the best muffins anyone had ever had. I had to ajust a bit and added some cinammon to the recipe too, but wow.

I wrote it down while the brain was working. I'm going to try these again to see if I got it right.

We are back for a few days, then we return to our little paradise. No hummingbirds as yet, but I have some purple flowers blooming! Unbelievable.