Friday, October 15, 2010


It's Thanksgiving at Mary's....we are making a
tradition of invading Mary and Bob's for great
food, great conversation, and I get to see these
three granddaughters who give me joy!

Thanksgiving is a family affair, although with so much going on in the lives of the family, and the distance to travel, only part of us get together.

Bob and Mary are a small family, but they cook big! We eat big and fill in all the empty seats that Mary can place!

This year, we had glorious weather. We were all gathered around the pond that is spectacular and Bob's hobby with the fish and waterfall and grasses making the back yard an oasis!

The girls hadn't really seen the yard before, in full fall bloom so lots of photos were taken.

Thanksgiving for us means the close of the cottage which is always sad, but also the new beginning of the "dinner circuit" as we call dinner parties at home.

This year, Thankgiving means a new hip for me, which means no more hobbling.
It's my favourite !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are early to bed people, have been for years, but when our grandson asked us to meet him at the airport at 1 am, well we stayed up, (didn't dare sleep in case) and went to the airport to see our boy get off the plane with two medals from the Pan Am Canoe/Kayak Competition in Mexico City.

He was met with open arms by his blurry eyed Poppa!

We viewed a silver and a bronze medal from his first international competition!

When asked what was the best thing? He said it was
the experience of meeting new people, and learning
that Mexico City air is unlike anything he has
ever experienced! He was happy to breath fresh
air in Canada! But loved the people who were
very friendly.

A few weeks back I won a book from Sweet P Quilting, and it has finally about snail mail...I'm reading something else right now, but have read a few pages of this little book which looks interesting.

Next read for me, then I'm having a giveaway to send it on to someone else. Thank you Paulette!

12 days to go!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


When I awoke this passed Monday morning, which was the last day of our cottage season, the moon was visible at around 6:15 am in the sky. I lay back down in bed to take this photo.

Five minutes later, the moon was gone, the sun was rising in the eastern sky and our closing of our little precious paradise was beginning!

The dogs, were totally confused this day as there
was so much going on...they couldn't figure out
sit, run or just eat! They sat like this for most of the morning....waiting.

They stayed close to me all morning as there usually isn't so much activity going on in the day for them anyway.

We, Bob, Mary, me, with Jerry directing the closing all had so much to do, putting up shutters, making sure all doors and windows were secure, and for Mary and I, setting the cottage in order
for spring opening.
We cleaned out the fridge, gave it a great washing
and literally backed our way out of the cottage
as we checked each room.

We finished around 3pm that afternoon.
All water was turned off, the cottage boarded up completely. Last year for the first time, we heard that there were breakins, or attempted break ins on our little island. So we secured the cottage as best we could.
The day was georgous as only fall days can be anywhere as the trees are in the best of colours.
We often think that it would be nice to have
such colours all season long, but then we would
say that isn't the green trees the best!

So, the last photo is of the colours as we left the lake.
I'm back home getting ready for my hip surgery, so have been very busy all week going to doctor appointments which include sitting and waiting to get all the paper work, xrays etc done for the big day.
Now, of course I decided that losing a bit of weight would be good! Yeah, I had all summer to do this, but didn't get in the mode till I'm just about ready to go under the knife as it goes.
Another two weeks....can't wait.