Saturday, October 17, 2009


When we left the cottage on Thursday afternoon
we took about an hour to get warm in the car. I
even had the seat heater on to warm my butt!

On Thursday morning it was 24 F. and needless to say that was a bit chilly. We did have the wood stove and an electric heater on in the main part of the cottage, but when my sweetie put up the final three shutters it blocked any sunlight and it was cold!

Since we had the final packing to do even though the previous day we had taken a boat load over to the truck, we still had the final stuff to take.

Thank goodness we did get rid of the majority
of our goods as the new dock guy (guys) came
to remove the final little dock and we were
almost hitting bottom with the boat as the
water was so low. It would have been almost
impossible to load the boat after that.

The boat was then moved to the neighbours dock and we had to bring the motor right up out of the water as we were almost on bottom there too. Let me tell you it was a feat to get into the boat when we finally left. I almost had to jump down the water was so low, and of course the wind was blowing like a good thing.

And did I mention that it was cold? Yes it was a north east wind at about 15 miles per hour and my sweetie who is never cold actually had to keep coming in to warm up when he was draining the water.

So we left, it was in sunshine at least and the
wind was at our backs. We are not staying this
late next year...I'm just too old for this nonsense!

When the kids left on Monday, you can see here in the photo that it was cold as everyone is bundled up to the nines.

Except of course the grandson who just doesn't feel the cold! He was barefoot all weekend! Just
before they were leaving he asked his mom if she
knew where his shoes were and had she brought
him socks! It was also the first time he had put
on his jacket too!

Here he is reading in the bunkie in bare feet while the rest of us were bundled up. His mother says his feet needed scrubbing when he got home!

Do you blame us for leaving? Look at the storm which was the snow going across the lake on Sunday and Monday. We usually are in the mid 50s at this time of year! Everyone in North America is complaining of the weather.

You can see here in the photo that I still have flowers in bloom, the grasses are blowing in the wind and the snow is passing by.
So I brought most of my quilts home, forgetting the first nine patch I made in the new bunkie but
that's ok as I have lots here anyway, but I did
want to give it to one of the kids.
But best of all is the gift of love! I took my nine patch Oh Cherry Oh! to my mother and put it on her bed. She loves loves it! I had to bring staff into her room for her to show what I had been doing this summer!
Being 90 yrs old with some dementia, she just kept stroking it and looking at the bright colors.
She kept saying thank you and said it was just plain "pretty beautiful".
It doesn't get any better than that does it?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This weekend which was Thanksgiving for we Canadian, was extremely cold with the sun coming out only for Saturday. The men decided to take out the docks because the regular guy decided to retire and we hadn't heard whether the new guy (a lot of guys) would show up.

Anyway, it was a huge endeavour that took the men all day to just get the two docks you see up on the beach near by. As a result the men were just exhausted on Saturday night and had their brawn shown up by a 72 yr old guy that is so fit that he put all the others to shame.

I think the "men" are now thinking that exercise
is not such a bad thing after all.

Unortunately Sunday was a disaster day for all of
us here at the lake. The men rested. It rained. It snowed. It then
sleeted. It was to say the least very cold also
as we had big winds. There were three heaters in
the sunroom to keep it liveable and the wood
burning stove going full bore.

I think that next year, we won't be doing Thanks
giving here at the cottage. It's just too iffy weather.

But speaking of the was awesome and with Mary stuffing the beast we had, a delicious apple-turnip bake, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and my raspberry thing, we ate well.

So........tomorrow we leave and I am leaving with
the memory of this little tree that sits at our shore
line. Everything looks so pretty when the sun shines, the breezes are light even if it is brisk outdoors.

Oh, and we now have raccoons on the island. I have some amazing bins that they can't get into but have tried so they are tipped over, and the wonder dog is sniffing like he knows something I don't....