Friday, December 9, 2011


First, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back after three weeks in limbo and on the road.

We arrived in Florida without any problems, but our computer went into shock and we lost all our data.

Of course the back up system is
at the cottage and we cannot
get to it till spring.  So, I've lost all my email addresses which fortunately, I'm pretty good at remembering family and friends most of the time, but so many of bloggers are just a "reply to" that I don't have those.

Oh, well, work for me while I
am shopping at Joann's Fabrics.

I went shopping the third day here, but without internet, I've not done anything with the fabric.

I bought greys, blues and a few patterns that will make a cute
quilt after Christmas I am sure.

The fabrics were all on sale for about $6.00 per yard. 

I didn't buy enough so am going
back Monday.

 I wish I could say that this is our house.....really, but alas, this was a house in Alabama.  One of about a dozen of these beautiful old houses that are still kept so beautifully.

Our rented house would fit on
the veranda of the above house. It is pretty small, but we are close to all amenities which is good so that I am able to drive to the grocery store and could now go to the fabric stores by myself.

This is the dog.....he slept like this for the whole a
baby.  The motor starts and we put the car in drive and he passes out!  How good is that?  A great travel dog I tell you.

Here in Florida on the pan handle, it isn't a very good economic area and all around us are business, and homes in foreclosure.  It is very sad.  On the street where we are, the  other night a family moved out in the darkness before the sheriff put a lock on their contents.  A young couple too, which was so sad.

How fortunate we are that we can come here and enjoy the wonderful weather, although a bit cool at night.  Everywhere we go, we are welcomed which is something to say for the southern hospitality that is abound.

So, as a neighbour told us that a treat for their children would be a trip to McDs.....we are indeed blessed.

On a lighter note, we have free calling to family and friends in US and Canada, thanks to our generous landlord.  And of course SKYPE.  Lots of laughs before our computer fritzed.

Talk to you soon.