Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I find it really hard to do more of a "male" type quilt than

the "girly" ones.

I like bright colours, but when it comes to

boys stuff, it's hard to find something for my almost teen grandsons!

I found a few more neutral prints and have made this strippie quilt with a flannel backing which looks quite male.

I used (for the very last time in my life) a poly batting from when I had first started quilting and now I know why I had such a hard time quilting.

First, when I spray basted the flannel it was great, then when I sprayed to the cotton side, it didn't stick at all. I then had to pin the whole top to the batting which was a real chore! Not too much fun and if one has even a small nick on their hands or nails, well the batting caught it all.

I think this must be used solely for tying as I will never use it again. Bring on the natural battings!

Anyway, thank goodness that with two years under my belt in the quilting world, I worked through it. I can't imagine if I'd been a novice (sic) (really laughing at this) that I'd have given up on the quilt for sure. It looks very good now that my "expertise" had a go at it. I actually awoke at 6 am thinking about the work ahead on this quilt.

I have a couple more strippies that I will do for the boys and will definitely be using good batting. My local quilt shop also is now selling 120" wide batting which is quite nice to have, but I do like bamboo as one of my favorites.

While I was doing the hand work on the above noted quilt, I watched Michael Buble on tape at Madison Square Garden...I am so totally in love with his music and he is having the time of his life as he succeeds in doing what he loves to do best in the world.....singing the old standards. I saw this on Bravo last night and taped it anyway. Also another concert sometime in January apparently.

He told the story of his grandfather taking him around Vancouver to kareoke(?) bars so he could sing and that his grandfather got him his first jobs. Never did he imagine that he would be the success that he is. Just a wonderful guy, but OMG so much energy...he was awesome.