Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009


My friend Dawn and her husband came to visit for a few days. Dawn has done a panel baby quilt for a nephew and had 3 more babies born in her family so the request was for more baby quilts.
Since she doesn't quilt much....she can stipple and so we stippled these panels, labled them and they will be mailed to the children tomorrow.
Here she is with our birthday boy Wilson who was 4 years old yesterday...The child we never had says our daughter, don't you know... Dawn has had trouble with arthritis in her thumbs so I did some of the hand work and she was sewing the labels.
She brought the favorite appetizer recipe of all time! Sunshine.....this one's for you! Dawn's sister Monica is not known as a "cook" persay, however for years whenever there was a family do Monica would appear with a little casserole, and we would wait while it was baked and then this little gem would be devoured immediately! Now, she, being that this was about the only thing she could cook, well she could order chinese and add a few things to it and make it her know what I mean?
Dawn and I begged her for years for the "What's In It" recipe....finally after about 10 years and I mean 10 years she gave us the recipe as she was tired of bringing it all the time and it was time for someone else to "cook". Ok here it is...
Serve with bagel chips or such.
I can tell you that no one will ever guess what you put in it and there will be nothing left over.
There will be a fight to lick the dish! Try it for your next little group of friends and let me know how everyone wanted the recipe....don't give it's our secret!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday, I cleaned up my little sewing area that I have in the corner of the sun room at the cottage

It's quite amazing that so much mess can be made in such a small area. I am always leaving pieces of this and that on the sewing table. I also never put the cover on the machine and I think that I should as the room is usually open to the elements and can be dusty. I wonder if people take their machines in for cleaning annually. I was told to bring it to the shop for spring cleanings as a good care program for my Janome. I haven't decided yet.

I must say the sewing table is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I am concerned. It is always a hit for anyone who sews and does a bit of work here at the table. I can't imagine that I actually worked without this smooth gliding surface to piece my blocks till last fall. I am alway thankful that my sweetie included it in his birthday surprise for me!

I had a lot of little pieces of this and that left over from the winter and don't remember why I shoved them in the container to bring here to the cottage, but am glad I did. I am almost out of fabric here for projects. I have fabric, but not enough to complete any project. This is sort of a coin quilt top which I added the whites to it to make it really pop. I use the old suitcase that it is propped on to keep current projects, sewing supplies etc here. I found this little gem at Goodwill years ago. I actually have four of them, one is full of lego, but the others are empty and I keep thinking of painting them or covering them to look like quilts.

I think these suitcases cost about $3.00 each and were probably used for overnight bags when first made. I also had a couple of makeup bags like these but the grandkids took them for cars and barbie doll suitcases. When the kids were little, there was always a suitcase for crafts, one for dolls, one for cars, and one for the lego.. Now the lego one has been refilled a few times, all using second hand lego from goodwill or garage sales. It's the colours that the kids liked that were different and so they were "borrowed"

The suitcases are becoming a rare find these days as it seems that people are collecting them for whatever reason. I always look for them everytime I am shopping secondhand. So handy for different uses.

We are having a great beginning to the weather this morning, other than having to put the spaceheater on because it is chilly here in the sunroom. It's lovely on the deck and I am taking my coffee out there while the lake is calm, the fish are jumping at bugs, and the hummers are happy for the warmth, as I am. We are expecting rain of course and yesterday about 30 miles south there was a small tornado that touched down and did some minor damage. What a summer! I just heard on the news that by Christmas it is supposed to warm up! Honest!

Monday, August 3, 2009


What a weekend! As you can see from the photo on the right, the boys were in for a big big dumping. The three of them went flying just as they were coming in to give the girls a ride!

If you look carefully, the blue lifejacket is just over Jeremy who went first into the looks more dangerous than it actually was as they were not going too fast....Lots of screaming going on I tell you.

The girls who are now 17 plus just thought that diving from the raft was the most fun. It's just
what happens when raised for the past ten years
coming to the cottage and making the best of the
weather, no matter what.

The lake was very rough and so the tubing was a wild ride for those that ventured out on the lake. We did have calm weather on Saturday morning so we had the ski lessons done and both the new skiers got up on the first try. It happens when kids are used to coaches giving directions to the sprint canoers...Ryan, who was a friend of our grandson, got up on the first try and looked like a pro, while Brianne, Courtney's friend and her kayak partner was like an old pro. There was huge cheering as they both skied so well.

But that was it.. the wind was too wild for trying
doubles as we had hoped for Sunday morning.

The last photo is of the boys being brave as
boys will be. They just were cheering the wild
ride they had had!

Bob and Mary who had been here for the week left at noon hour with Alex because she lives just
around the corner from them. Kelly took the rest of them home around 5 pm. They ate an early dinner here and were looking forward to an even later bbq at home....Yeah you can't imagine the food we went through over 3 days....the fridge is empty!

My sweetie and I went to bed at 8:30 pm and didn't get up till 8:30 this morning....It was an exhausting weekend I tell you. But memories were made for all the kids.

I had fun!