Monday, June 11, 2012


When we came back to the cottage this spring, I vowed to use up my stash.

Now compared to some of you, I only have a bit, but my fabrics, batting and a few other things, must fit into a cedar chest.  I don't have room for everything else that makes up quilting.

I do have small suitcases stacked to store threads etc.

I sorted through fabrics on Sunday morning.  I cut out 6" squares and discovered that I had 3 X 6 white already cut out which is what I needed.  

Then, I found about 10 metres
of wide white backing.  What was I thinking when I bought that?  I do not remember that purchase!

So, today I made the quilt top which is going to an Aunt when we visit this summer...Yep we are off this island in August.  Can you believe that?

I found the green and pink wheels at the bottom of the chest.  I had nine squares, which I made for my second quilt.  I had to totally square these up and still have lots of the dots fabrics...are you surprised that I still have lots of dots?  anyway, I made a sewing machine cover and did some bits of improv on the sides of it to see what those free motion people do when they have creative moments.

I totally impressed myself I tell you, but wow, what a lot of thread that one uses for this straight stitch stuff.

I bought bamboo batting which is lighter than warm and white which I usually use, but for $9.00 a metre, how could I not try it?  I think I actually must have used some of this before and it feels so soft and light.   A perfect price point.

Helen, the proverbial quilter, is in a flurry as she is making quilts for all the friends in Europe that she will be visiting this summer.  Knitting beautiful light scarves too for the daughters of the friends, but the quilts are just amazing in their simplicity.

She will give me a lesson in label making this weekend as I, for the life of me cannot get my head around making labels on the computer.   Another lesson from my private teacher....she endures so much from me I tell you..."OK, show me one more time please?"  and she does!

We are heading into the city for a few days.   Of course we shall be leaving in rain as we refused to leave our little paradise today which is warm and breezy.... OK, it is blowing a bit, but a beauty day.

I love summer in Canada.