Saturday, September 25, 2010


When you see the cottage sparkling's time for closing up. Mary and I went through the cottage and bunkies, putting everything away, sorting through stuff and giving thorough washings of everything!

We only have the kitchen to do when we go back next week. Well Bob and Mary are coming, we are leaving for the cottage tomorrow.

There have been storms which knocked out the power for 72 hours, so I don't know how the food stuffs we left will have survived....thankfully we
have brought a lot home.

Each year we must remove our docks which
extend out onto the lake about 50 ft or more.
It's always been a monstrous job for the men to
do. We've put them at Helen's beach for the past 8 years or so, but this year we floated them to a secluded spot on the lake.

The guys found it so much easier and with Mary being the director of operations, that is, her job was just to watch the floating docks to make sure all was straight and that she could say "stop" when everything was in place, she went on the little expedition to the far side of the lake.

Bob felt like King Tut floating down the river for a while there...

In the little bay where the docks are stored the gang came upon a loon's nest. The photo shows the homemade nest made by a cottager out of pvc pipes, with a mesh nest and debris put on the top.

These nests are located a bit off shore, keeping the loons safe from predators. I'd honestly never seen one so it was very interesting to note the way it had been placed.

Then my sweetie said that there was one located close to us too! It's tucked into a small cove on our island...I do think it will be moved though as I find our end of the lake a bit rough for nesting loons. But having said that, now that I shall be agile next year, I will be able to monitor the nests and let you know if there are indeed babies in the nests.

We also saw a beaver dam on the far side of our island tucked into a secluded area although no sign of the beaver...this guy doesn't know he's supposed to live is more shallow waters. Jerry said it was about 40 ft deep where it was. Quite the ambitious little guy. This is the same beaver that has been trying to eat his way through a 40 ft oak on Helen and Derek's cottage property.. each time they come back to the cottage they see signs that he's been there working away (like a beaver) I couldn't resist that.

So next week is our last for the season...I've got my quilting boxes etc down in the basement ready for sorting. All appointments have been made for the hip surgery on the 25th October.
I don't know anyone who is more looking forward to having this done.

I dream of walking normal through Ikea no less....those of us in Canada know the commercial that says "Start the Car!" as a woman runs through Ikea not believing the prices...well that's my dream....just going through there at a good clip.

Tomorrow, the 26th is my birthday...I'm having a glass of wine to cheer me and then Karen who just had a birthday on the 24th. I know so many people that I share my day with....lots of toasts and thanks once again.