Monday, January 16, 2012


Funny how a little time spent in the "north" gets me knitting sweaters.

This beauty is the first I've made in years and years.  But, with the quilting on hiatus because of travels, I'm a knitting nit wit as you can see.

I find that one must be ever vigilant when it comes to the "sales"  advertised.  Mary, the other knitter and I went to Michaels for their 50% off sale.  Well the Lions Brand wasn't 50% off, but after looking at the pattern, I bought at 30% off.

Well, after finishing the sweater, and giving it to the girl for her winter in Ottawa and it being very cold there, the "buy one get one free" flyer came out nine days later.

Mary, who must be the best shopper and the
queen of returns, got our bills, and off we 
marched to the Michaels.  The 
manager, a fine young woman was
overpowered by the return queen.

We got our money back in the amount of $28.00 between the two of us, with me getting the most!

Happiness is having money in the pocket and learning about "sales".

We had a visit with Helen and D.  The guest room is just about the most comfortable that I've ever been in what with antiques all over the room and photos of their family heritage abounds in the spaciousness of this guest room.  There is also a large private bathroom with a walk in shower.  

We slept like babies under a goose down duvet, perfect pillows, and this beautiful Amish quilt sits on the bed.  In her travels which she and her sweetie visit many quilt shops; she found this quilt.  It was perfect for the bed and there it sits in total comfort for all who visit to see.

We have returned to Florida bringing the good weather with us it seems.  Today, the wind is blowing and the surf is up as the saying goes .  Our friends are arriving today too, so life will be another adventure.

It is also great to be back and able to blog and read posts again after such a long absence.  As they say here in the south..."hi y'all"!