Friday, January 27, 2012


 This is a boa or a scarf that is becoming quite popular in the knitting circles of Canada at the moment.

Over Christmas when we were visiting my friend Helen who is also knitter extraordinaire, can you believe, she gave me one of these
little gems.

Of course it was easy for her to 
knit, but me?  I had to do it
twice to get the darn thing right.

The yarn is called Frill Seeker is wide as you can see and one adds nine stitches and the above photo is the result.

I didn't pick up enough of the 
yarn, and when I shook it to 
make the frills, it unraveled!
Oh yeah, what else would one expect
from my first attempt!

I am loving the colours for sure.

This photo of my knitting place is from our balcony with a wee Mary swimming in the pool getting her morning exercise which she she has been doing every day.

Me?  I'm walking on the beautiful beach, my sweetie is walking 5 km each day.  Wonderful, wonderful, and he is loving the walking even if he has pain in his hip.  We should be in great shape for cottage time.

The weather has been extraordinarily warm for this time of year, in the mid 70s and so sunny too that even the locals are wearing shorts.  

Not too far from our villas is a bar, a biker bar to tell you.  Anyway one morning Mary (friend in residence) needed change and since this bar only closes for an hour a day, she walked over got quarters for laundry.  Coming out of the crowded bar, she noted a Harley Davidson with rider parking.  Now Mary is a nurse, and she notes that this guy has all kinds of coloured tubing wound around the seat of the bike, and looking to the rear of said bike is an oxygen tank with the mask.  Only if Florida folks, only in Florida.