Thursday, August 20, 2009


After reading my blog, a "friend" sent this little
suitcase photo to me! I am still laughing!

Can you imagine this contraption? Not only that,
but who thought of it to begin with? It all looks rather painful to me and the thing on the bottom looks like a drill for goodness sake.

I am also thinking for those of you being nurses out there.......just imagine .
(click on photo)

So, as you know going shopping from the lake is a big deal! Make a list collect the shopping bags to use as we must bring our own. We have two cooler bags that we always bring plus and old soft duffle type suitcase and a few others form local grocery stores. (I keep thinking I should make my own since I have the fabric). Anyway we take a 15 minute boat ride, unload all our bags, water jugs, garbage (for the dump) and pile all of that into the truck and off we go. After a short stop at the dump with us doing all the dumping of the recycled stuff, where they watch that we have put the right garbage in the right bins....we are off on a 45 minute drive to Huntsville where the shopping is just a bit better than Dorset...they have Home Depot, Canadian Tire and a Loblaw's Independent

Then we reverse it all, get water on the way back to the cottage and there went five hours. I am usually just too tired to make dinner. It's always a simple meal of salad and sandwiches because we have fresh foods! No wonder we live longer!

Fabricland has the end of summer sale and I tell you the one in Huntsville had more crap! Excuse the language dear friends, but it was just little bits of left overs that should have been on the dollar table! Needless to say, that was a futile visit. So I am still without fabrics to work on finishing my projects. That was a huge disappointment. A lesson learned, shop at home....

Of course it's raining again! Just getting ready for company is so much more pleasant when the sun is shining and it's warm. I put the heaters on to take the dampness away. I shouldn't complain. It's still better than being anywhere....have a good day wherever you are!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yesterday, since it was hot and humid, not much

moving around the cottage because if I moved I

was sweating, so I cleaned up my little sewing

area that I have at the cottage.

The first one I keep all my extra sewing supplies in it so that I only have to open it to grab threads, needles, ribbons, etc. It is quite handy to have around and I just close it up when finished working at the sewing machine.

The second one keeps all the magazines, books etc so that they are not stacked all over the table which is used for coffee, feet and food, not

necessarily in that order at the same time either.

When I finish with them, I stack them up and

use them as a little side "table" for whatever.

I have found this one to be particularly handy as I have about a dozen different magazines about the cottage that had no place to go. Now when this fills up, I will take them home for a permanent place, but for now, this is good.

My friend Helen who has been quilting since the 1970s has passed two quilting books to me to look and get inspired (I think). These two were

a series of quilt patterns, including templates that

were popular in the 1980s I think she said. There

are hundreds of different designs in the books.

Some of you may have collected this series also.
Really good stuff for me to look at at least.

I had a visit from Penny at and being a new visitor to my site, I went to look at what she had on hers. Well go have a look. Her work is quite amazing, more art than quilting and all hand worked, so I was pleased that she took the time to visit my blog.

I am always pleased when new people come over
and comment. It makes my day I tell you! Those of us who comment on each others blogs know our little quirks and quarks so someone new is great to have join us.

Remember the cottage neighbours who have an issue with the crossing of their property? Well they have posted huge "POSTED, NO TRESPASSING" signs now and so there will be no making up that we can see. It is very sad that they feel we have violated their privacy. I really don't think we are "that bad" (grinning here) . We tried to have an intervention with the owners, but to no avail. We now must travel 400 ft by boat to each others cottages. Sad, but nothing further we can do.

On a lighter sweetie's family is coming for the weekend. We are excited as it's hard for all of the sibblings to get together, but each summer we have a weekend of catching up. We will be prepared with lots of food. I am making parmesean chicken. It's an easy peasy recipe and so very very good. Sunshine will love this one when I post it another day. She tests all the recipes I have posted.

Oh, Helen made the "What's In it?" appetizer and she said that her gourmet cooking friend asked the what's in it query as all people do. She didn't give out the recipe either...

Have a great day.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Summer arrived a few days ago! It has been

so warm, the lake is warm enough for me to

have entered it three times! That's three

times more than last year! Wahoo!

Needless to say, not much sewing is going
on here this past week!

Since the weather report was so very good, we called Bob and Mary to come for the weekend!
They were here by 9 am on Saturday morning with the might Quin in tow. He loves me so as I am Wilson's favorite person on earth! I also have a good lap and he likes to spend some time there a lot when he comes to visit.
The lake was so calm in the morning that it was quite hot by 10 am. But then the breezes came and it was perfect. We spent most of the weekend by the lake, sitting and getting a tan for the first time this summer. We all got a bit too much sun, but it's ok, it's summer finally. All up and down the lake cottages, people were swimming, skiing and just hanging out.
The Quinlan's who are on the back side of the island and who always cheer when our skiers go around the island, presented us with a four person ski by and we cheered them and they were hooting right back at us! It was pretty cool to have a bit of a ski show right by our dock.
It's Monday morning and the lake has become quiet of the activities of the weekend. We still have the warm weather, the humidity, but I am so happy this day! Summer is here!