Thursday, May 9, 2013


This company called "Yummies in a Jar" is a small but mighty company that makes awesome jams and jellies locally.   The taste is awesome!  Some of the jams have unique names which I will get when next I go to Robinson's General Store, in Dorset. That store is small but had just about anything
one would need from soup to
nuts and bolts! 

Robinson's, was voted the best General Store in Canada one year.  Really a great place to shop and visit and this year,  
they brought in local products, the jams and also local maple syrup.  How lucky are we?

I am sewing up a storm.  Still don't have the mojo working on the fingers, but am doing what I want to do...hence the little sign today.  You should
do what makes you happy too!

We have had glorious weather, and yesterday sitting out after dinner, the dog went crazy....sure enough the pesky beaver appeared!  We wondered if the water being so high if the den had survived.  Must have cause the little guy was looking for his small trees to chop down.  Heh!  This is wild country, so he deserves to live free!  Even though he helps himself to lots of saplings.

I have completed a baby quilt, only hand sewing on the binding to do and made blocks for a disappearing nine patch.  It is very very busy, which is my meaning that white needs to be added to finish it.

Monday, May 6, 2013


 Honestly, this morning around 5:30, I was awakened by the sound of loons!  Now, I must say, because we are so far out on the lake, you know about six miles, we don't get the loons out here too often.  Well, the lake is calm, the sun was rising and so
were the loons.  It sounded like a chorus, till I remembered that the original name for our lake was "Echo Lake".

I am sure that there was only one or two, but the echoes across the lake were loud enough to awaken me.

What with all the flooding and high water levels, I found the photo of this fabulous floating cottage on Cottage Life.  Don't you just love it?

I found this photo somewhere this weekend while looking for quilt patterns.  This is how I feel this morning after using my sewing machine for the first time in six months!   I sure hope my Monday mornings are NOT going to be like this.  I am so rusty from not sewing 1/4" seams.  Not too rusty for picking though!  Imagine that! 

I have taken a rest from the stress of putting little pieces of fabric together to make big fabric.  Small quilts before the big ones are going to be made till I get my fingers used to the idea of sewing once again!

Quilton posted this on the weekend.  So cute, it must be somewhere.... But I wish I had it at my spot at the marina.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


 We are home!  This is what the sun room looked like after two days of bringing our "stuff" back, and putting it all in the sun room with the winter storage.

Each year, in the fall we fill the sun room with the patio furniture, bbq, and anything else that is usually outside in the summer months.

It is always a mess in that room.

One day later, with a sore back for both my sweetie and me, we were back to almost normal.

There is a calmness when this room is done.  It is sunny (hence sun room) with the green colours making everything peaceful.

We are back!  The first night we arrived, we had McCain's Pizza!  It was all we could manage after the travel and unloading of goods.

In the morning, I awoke to this! Calm, calm lake, reflections of the other island across from us.

The neighbours to the east of us on the other island arrived about 10 minutes before us.  And of course with beautiful weather in the mid 20s C, (mid 70sF), there were many more people on the lake this weekend.

There is a lot of damage to many docks due to the high water this spring on many of the lake in Ontario.  We talk of weather, being Canadian and all, but flooding, well we usually leave that to the big river people.  So high water means many docks just went floating, lots and lots of logs and debris in the water, so everyone I am sure is coming into their docks with pieces of logs, or whatever to get it off the lake. 

The BEST of the best things is that yesterday afternoon, a hummingbird appeared at the feeder which I put out as soon as we got here,  This is the earliest, for me at least, that I have seen a hummingbird.  A lone male, and very very skittish too, as he would not land on the feeder if I so much as moved an inch.   He was so hungry that he landed and drank to his heart's content. 

Helen also arrived yesterday with two beautiful quilts!  I will post those soon.  She had them quilted for her as they were too big for her machine.  Lovely, work done by her long arm quilter.

This morning, we are going to take a tour, I must take better shots of the lake with a bigger camera, as it will give you an idea of the beauty of this place. 

Quilting works will start tomorrow!  Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!1