Saturday, September 1, 2012


When we were in Maine for a few days, we were invited to a BBQ lunch at the heritage center in Limestone.

There were a few quilts there from 1930s.  The hexagon quilt was particularly sweet and in very good shape.   Donated by one of the local ladies in remem-
 brance of her grandmother.

The quilt wasn't very heavy as there was no lining.  It was a summer quilt so I was told.  The lack of lining was also in the second scrappy quilt from the 1940 era as the tag said.

I didn't realize so much coloured
fabrics was available then.  But it was.

There were many items in the little museum, all donated by local people which isn't much as Limestone is quite small, and only about 30 miles from Caribou, and an area that is know for farming potatoes. 

This little dress, which looks like a size 0 was actually worn by someone!  I tell you it is really tiny and was handmade too.  The lace collar was bought and could be removed to fit another dress.  I do not know the fabric of the dress, but it is in great shape.

I am not one to do a lot of browsing but this place was amazing with all the antiques which were so well preserved.

Friday, August 31, 2012


 We spent the last eleven day doing what grandparents love to do....we cheered for our grand kids.

While winning is a lot of fun, participating in what you love is so much more of the experience.

We were in Dartmouth Nova
Scotia for the Canadian Canoe Championships....had fabulous weather too which can be iffy due to the coastal waters.

Our grandson Jeremy won a bronze medal in his race of a lifetime...he was the youngest of the competitors....we were so proud, and his poppa was reduced to whisper voice after the event what with all the cheering he did.

Me?  I sound too shrill, so I let the man cheer for him, and  his mother whistle like she has never done.

Then he also got a silver medal with his partner in a very exciting and other 1000 metre race.

 There was more to this week than winning, but I could get maudlin as I haven't even mentioned the sister that comes with this team...that is for another day! 

We met the Olympians who had returned to share their stories of the Olympics, also the clubs who counted about 20 from across Canada who came to cheer the events of the week.

My sweetie still has not completely recovered his voice from cheering so many athletes that we know.  There were some races that didn't come out like we wished, but as all the parents and friends who were there applauded all the athletes as they crossed the line, it made me proud of the sportsmanship in this sport.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 This is actually made of quite small yo yos.  They were made using the tops off milk bottles.

The quilt in the photo fits on a queen size bed.

It was made around 1930 by my aunt's mother in law.  All hand pieced, and sewn together.

The yo yos are not sewn to another back, but just float on whatever background you wish to use.

Quite an amazing piece of work!

In the cabin was this old stove which apparently still works quite well and on cold winter days the cabin is heated using this stove and the fireplace which is made of the huge stones from the lake.

Of course one doesn't remove stone nowadays, but in the mid 20s and 30s, it was the thing to do.

The cabin is made using so much recycled materials that it was all quit overwhelming to see so much "old" stuff.   

I have seen a few old yo yo quilts, but this one was quite a work of art.

There are many more quilts to show when I post in the future.  We have had so much company that it will be nice to just relax for the next few days and start -or finish- work here at the cottage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 We have been on holiday to the maritime provinces.

We went to the Canadian Canoe Championships in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Stopping over in Maine for a few days of visiting with relatives
resulted in my taking many photos of quilts from the 20s and 30s.

This first was done in the 1930, all hand done by the mother in law of my aunt.

It is a large double with the bright yellow sashing giving the quilt the proper "pops" it deserves.

The little butterfly quilt on the right must weigh 30 lbs...really really heavy as there is a wool finish on the back side.  It has been tied, so it will be easy to take apart I think.   I am wondering how to make this into a lighter quilt, and how to wash the little blocks.  My aunt would love to restore this quilt to use.  There are two of them!

Do you think some of these old quilts are worth the trouble to restore?  I hope so as I really want to make a quilt of the usable blocks from these quilts.  I do think the woman who made these two (three really) quilts liked yellow as much as me.  Both are done with yellow sashings!

I have many more photos to post, but am just saying that I am back to hopefully, a more normal life of sewing and getting on with quilting as the fall season will be upon us so soon.

I missed my blogging!