Friday, April 3, 2009


Remember that dot fabric I bought? It's here and I laid it out this morning, took a photo and then arranged the rows. Yeah, I had to do it all over again as piling one row on the other just didn't work..

When I started to sew, I couldn't remember how it all went. Stupid me...I then laid it out again, forgetting to take photo of course , but pinned all the squares to each other. Looking really good now.. It's a bit different from what you see, but pretty close. I made an extra black square so that it was all matchey matchey..know what I mean? I am really pleased with the results and even though it's considered easy, I must be challenged somewhere, putting it together wasn't easy. It's 54" wide and 65" long. Somehow, I got an extra row of patterns from the measurements given. I'm sure it happens all the time.

Anyway, I have enough extra cuts to make the back interesting. It's pretty, and that's what I wanted.

See this photo on the left? Well my dears let me tell you of this photo. It Queen Elizabeth with her arm around Michelle...yep, the first lady...Apparently, the queen commented on how tall Michelle was and actually the queen touched Michelle first and then Michelle put her arm around the queen...The press in England is having a field day of this.....No one, I mean NO ONE is supposed to touch the queen! This is an absolute first...and it was the queen. She put her gloved arm around our Michelle (you know the song, ma Belle Michelle etc...) she loved Michelle and did the move of her life...she touched Michelle. It looks like they are posing for a family photo doesn't it. Anyway, the Brits just loved the photo that shook England yesterday!

We are having what is called April Showers, quite heavy in fact and so the sewing goes on. I took the dog for a walk and we were soaked when we returned. He was wet, thought he'd had a bath, and started running all over the house. I got a towel out to dry him and he jumped into the towel and was like a crazy dog....Too funny (Kel). I think dogs do all those crazy things after a bath and Wilson is one crazy dog...(Kel) She says he's the child we never had!

Karen, dear sweet Karen, sent me a lovely book on simple quilt making. Bless her...she knows my level. No hand work for me Karen! Just the sewing of those little squares, triangles and bars. I absolutely love it...Thank you again.

Have a great weekend all. It's almost springtime........

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I saw this photo on a site that had all different endeavours of people fighting the mighty Red River as it is flowing north into Manitoba. It is there are so many photos of dispair yet hope as the sand bags are filled and the people fight on. North Dakota and Manitoba have experienced this many times and know the drill it would seem from the other photos...Have a look if you haven't seen these excellent photos.

My sweetie came back from Virginia, with a total of about 7 hours sleep since he had left on Thursday and returned Monday afternoon. We have been to races before, but this was his brother's first Nascar race so the two of them took a bus trip with 33 other guys to Martinsville.

He has been "catching up" on his sleep since returning. He also said that as usual all the people that follow Nascar must be the friendliest of people and his brother couldn't get over the way people were so "neighbourly" as he put it. Considering that the weather had been terrible since leaving, they arrived at the track on Sunday to the sky being blue and a perfect day for a race.

I, of course had the weekend to myself...wonderful, wonderful, is all one can say when the house is empty and I just did what I wanted to do, which was quilt... I did, finishing the Victorian quilt and piecing another. That one, the top is done and ready for finishing. I haven't decided on how to do the back yet and of course today is bridge day, so it's a bit of a write off as far as sewing goes.

It's April 1st, and no virus on the computers so it seems. I swear, sometimes it must be a quiet news day and someone says "virus" and away they all go to get updates on these pesky things.

Today, is a cloudy, expecting rain sort of day and a wee bit warmer than yesterday. It was a winter day yesterday, with the wind whipping around to make it seem even colder...I want warmth...

I found a great idea for making a quilted bowl. It's at Craftster Community or Geta's Quilting Studio. Unbelievable how clever some people are. She is one.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I really didn't know what else to call this quilt...x@# was my first thoughts, but I finally finished it. I didn't have my photographer here this weekend...Nascar trip to Virginia... so of course yesterday when the temperatures were in the 50s here in Whitby, I quilted. I got up at 7:30 , made coffee and attacked this quilt.
I used varigated thread and stippled it. It took me an hour to spray baste, and 3 -4 hours to stipple it.
I then watched a chick flick, The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves and then also watched figure skating between commercials....yeah usually guys do this channel flicking, but I was multitasking, sewing, flicking, and sometimes throwing the ball for the little white thing that is on the quilt photo. I finished it, washed it and made it to Bob and Mary's for candle light hour as we ate freshly made Lemon Pie. Her mother in law who is 87 made this pie. So very very good! When I got home, took it out of the dryer and Mary said, that I had missed a frame on one of the blocks. You know, I nearly jumped off the top of the stairs! I was so careful with this quilt and couldn't figure out why I was "off" when I had used template etc.
So, after her pointing out my mistake, I thought I would just leave it. I was so sick of this quilt as you know. Anyway I woke up this am and of course I looked at the block closely and then remembered my "restoration" expertise....I cut out a small piece and added the border to the missing square and just stippled it on the quilt.
At least now all the squares match. It's off a bit, but it looks good to the eye when seeing the quilt. OMG, I was so careful. And not only that, so many people looked at the thing before I quilted one saw it until finished and I even said that I had trouble with one part.
I am glad to be finished with it is all I can say. It does look good though and the back is in the black print which makes it stand out.
Today it is pouring out and I don't have to think of walking you know who till it lets up because he hates the rain! I hope it's not raining in Martinsville for the race.
Karen has kindly sent me a recipe for sourdough starter. She is on my blog roll over on the left there and she made some biscuits and an apple cake that I just must have. So if you want to start sourdough, go look. Yeah Pioneer Woman would be proud of her.
I am going to start it and see if I can make pizza dough with it. I think it would be interesting..
One more day of being alone....bliss!