Friday, September 9, 2011


 I'm having such blocks blogging lately.  Honestly, I used to blog every couple of  days, but now, I feel I will be boring you with my lack of sewing news and only cottage stuff.

Helen, my dear friend is a sewing queen these days.  She keeps producing and producing.  This fan quilt is her latest achievement.  Her very ill friend will love this.

Click on to see the beautiful quilting that she did.  The fans are outlined in monfiliment thread.  I must look very close to see the stitching it's that good.

I'm almost ready to do one of these soon.  

I think that there are a lot of fan quilts being made this year don't you?  It's the finishing that is the challenge for many of us...not Helen though...she starts and finishes without problems.

 If you are thinking of something other than quilts for Christmas, here is an idea if you have any old windows that are lying around.

This is from a poster on a BVI site that
had a photo enlarged, then put it in the window frame.

It's a fabulous idea for someone without spending too much money either. 

Another idea that the new neighbours have is a bunch of placemats done in black and white laminated which display family
photos of precious moment's in the family's life at the cottage.  Beautiful and cherished by Kath as her dad recently passed away at too early an age. 

The bear is back!  I tell you it's getting so that it is a real nuisance to have around.  The other night the neighbours got their garbage pails thrown all over the place, but last night around 8:30 I was taking the dog out, decided to use the leash as I am a bit nervous about the bear thing.

Well, I hit the lights to turn them on, open the door and I hear the fast moving feet of the bear going up the hill!  The dog was going nuts with the smell and his collar is on very loose....just in case I get mad and want to strangle him he can get away from I called my sweetie to help, but the dog was so agitated that I had to bring him back in.

The bear didn't come back, but since there is only a few of us on the island, we must be vigilant at all times.  I can't for the life of me figure how the bear can live here.  There really isn't enough food to sustain a three hundred pound vegetarian!

I am making Ohio Star.  Of course Helen gave me the pointers to which I said that there was a quarter inch out...she did look at me funny...then the next day I realized I'd forgotten to attach the two colours my squares are four inches instead of four and a half.  I never learn...

Still, this is the best effort for me as everything is trimmed beautifully.  Another lesson learned..

Have a great weekend.  Fall is almost upon us as the nights are cooler, the days not so warm.  Somewhere in this world spring is just around the corner.