Thursday, November 26, 2009


The quilt with the black print is the second of Dawn's quilts. The photo doesn't do it justice as I didn't have a photographer at the time, and tonight as I am blogging, the quilt is back with Dawn.

The third quilt was finished tonight and I thought that I would post both the ways the quilt can be seen.

The orange make the quilt really pop which makes it one of my favorites that she has made.

I am enjoying the hand work so much that I am definitely
going to set up some kind of applique work for the New

I think that with all the hand finishing that I have been doing for the past two years just on the bindings that I have quite mastered the art of taking little stitches. The secret I think is to make the consistent and that I am able to do.

Never having taken a course at a guild or group hasn't been a problem as my private lessons at the lake have made me more confident in experimenting with new

Isn't it funny how some of our photos are so vibrant while others seem pale and don't do our quilts justice.
I see this in these couple of photos. As stated before, in
real life the quilts literally sing!

We had such a busy day today what with eye doctor appointments, me for a re-check as the last time I was there he thought that the pressure in the one eye was such that he suspected maybe glocoma, however not so thank goodness, so needless to say I was relieved.

My sweetie, strangly enough and what with 10 years difference in our ages, he being younger....yeah yeah...anyway his pressure count was high also. So he is going for some kind of more extensive test next week, just to be safe.

My visits were totally paid for, being over 65 is one of the bonuses of life in that most of my drugs are free, and eye appointments are free, however now anyone between the ages of 18-65 must pay for their eye check ups.

The dogs were at the groomers so we spent the day running errands, having lunch out and just yacking about life...A great day and the dogs look so clean!

We only have the other dog Quince for two more days as his owners come back from Cozumel. I don't know how he is going to be about going back home...He loves living here.

Fabricland is having a 50% off sale for just members for the next three days...I gotta see what they have.

Did I tell you the little problem I had with my cursor? Well somehow I put a Christmas theme on the cursor, and whenever I moved it it sang "we wish you a merry christmas". At first I thought it was cute! Then I began to wonder how the you know what I had done this and how the you know what I could remove it!

For the past ten days, everytime I logged on...the bloody cursor sang...I asked a computer friend how to remove it and she laughed so hard I hung up on her...then I asked my little chat room I belong to where there is always an answer to computer guessed it ....more words exclaiming my expense once more.... Finally someone stopped laughing and I now report that I have a normal black cursor, but have learned that I could actually put a few thousand different themes on my cursor....I tell you though sometimes I feel cursed!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


When my friend Dawn decided to do something for her family for Christmas, she thought she'd make four strippie is completed!
The last quilt she made was last year at the cottage when she made her own birthday present...her first and only quilt. She was able to do all the hand sewing at that time, but now with carpol tunnel affecting her hands, I did the hand sewing of the binding for her on this one.
I just talked to her and # 2 is ready for finishing. We are aiming for four finished quilts this week if possible! I feel like Crazy Mom Quilts! And it is taking two of us to accomplish this much in a week of sewing (with the weekend off I thought) .
I just love the colours here and I don't think that the photos do the quilt justice. It's so bright! Oh I am happy that she likes to do brights too!
Tomorrow is another day of sewing....this afternoon I am watching the last Nascar race and knitting more mitts. No cowls for this girl, I've learned my lesson!