Friday, February 3, 2012


If it was good enough for the President of the United States, it must be good!  Good is an understatement for this restaurant where we went last night.

The photo is in the middle of the restaurant, and above the lights on the tree are little green lights that just twinkle here and there for the "firefly" effect.  Beautiful!

Here in Florida's panhandle there are many fine restaurants.  But this one is where I had one of the most memorable meals of my life!

The shecrab soup was so good that I could have made a meal of this.  There was flavour such as I've never had, and the little piece of puff pastry in the soup was perfect.

There was planked salmon.  Perfect!  We had the Delmonico steak, done to perfection with the right amount of bernaise and an au ju sauce on the side.

I have never been to a restaurant where there is no salt and pepper on the table....seriously...have you?  

I am being so careful about eating as it is easy to get fat when one doesn't cook for ones self.  The bread pudding dessert which had chocolate and blackberries on top, homemade ice cream on the side.

Delicious, I couldn't finish it though as I was so full.  Imagine me being full at a restaurant.

This is probably the only restaurant review that you will ever read from me, so salivate....I ate the best for the best price too.    I'm not even mentioning Michael our server who guided us throughout the meal.

Today, we are going to tell everyone about this place.  I will advise the shecrab soup for sure.  

Enjoy the weekend.