Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Now, I've said it many many times, that I don't have much luck
when it comes to entering the thousands of giveaways in blogland.

You know some of you win over and over again, but not me! I have
finally won! Thank you to Christine at "The Cutting Edge" for giving
me my first ever win!

Not only that, but she felt a bit sorry for me moaning and groaning about never having won (grins here a bit) that she sent me more than just my winning package.

So thank you Sunshine! All the fabrics are coming to the cottage for creating something special!

I haven't been doing any sort of sewing, quilting, planning projects and definitely not the fans.

We have been at the cottage doing cottage things, like reading, eating and visiting with friends. The weather is just too awesome to sit and sew. And.....my machine hasn't made the trip yet.

It is a bit early for us to have weather in the mid 70s, or teens for
the celcius people . We usually are bundled up, keep the fires
burning hoping that the weather doesn't get too cold during the
nights so that we don't freeze.

Not this year, not even any fires at night during this past week.
I took this photo on Sunday morning. The lake is still
about 39 degrees, while the air was about 72. Hence
the fog which was lying low over the islands on the

The little island near the end of the lake seems to be in the clouds. It was quite an eerie morning, but still mild enough that I sat on the deck with my coffee in hand, listening to the sounds of the birds calling for mates.
We are still awaiting the hummingbirds which should arrive sometime in the next week if they are on their annual migratory schedule of past years.
Returning to the city on Sunday afternoons is always different for us as we are retired so we never "travel" with the weekend cottagers. We were surprised at how many people were like us, opening cottages early due to the great weather we have been experiencing this year.
We returned to take one of our granddaughters' for her appointment with a super surgeon regarding the tumor on her leg which is benign, but is growing and it's been bothering her for the past year. It is very close to the bone on her calf, causing quite a bit of pain during her training workouts, so we are now told that there will be an appointment at a radiology clinic to inject her with -for the life of me I can't remember what- which may require only one or two treatments to clear the tumor up. We are very thankful that it is a minor treatment program and so worth the wait to have it all cleared up.
Gosh, my blogs are long! I just start and never know when to finish, except now, I'm making dinner which requires my full attention.