Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday was a morning that was raining, cold, the wind was blowing wet leaves, and the sky was very dark.....

So, I decided that I would get some sewing done but didn't really know what to do. I had bought a sheet at goodwill for using it as the back of a quilt which of course it didn't look good, so it's been sitting on the shelf for ages.

I cut it into placemat size and went on a spree! I made 8 placemats in no time and have enough
fabric for doing napkins today. I had such fun
doing this, that I may use up a lot of scraps
and get rid of all the little pieces of batting that
I just don't have the heart to throw away!

I also made a pair of pyjamas bottom which turned
out well also. I had a sheet with a lovely bottom
decoration to it and serged this in about 15 minutes.

And since it was a crappy day, I decided to make
bread and pizza. My dough turned out so high
and light that I took a photo of it for you to see the way dough should look when making bread.

So many of us use the bread machine these days, but you know there is something to be said to just standing there, kneading dough and feeling how lovely it feels when it finally becomes a soft and completed little ball of dough.

The day wasn't a total loss as the sun came out in the afternoon which meant walking the wonder dog. I tell you dogs really are more frisky in cooler weather. The Westie runs all over the park on cooler days. Warm days, he walks and sniffs, no big deal...We returned home after about 45 minutes and within minutes, the sky had darkened, the hail hit the front of the house and travelled to the back with the wind howling, picking up leaves and what ever else was on the ground and blowing it across the park!

It's a good thing I had returned, it could have lifted the pooch!

I am also knitting the fingerless gloves for the hospital Christmas tree in Oshawa General. I assume that there will be a bazaar to go with the tree. My friend says that these mitten trees are quite popular. I need wool, so am off to Walmart and Zellers to get some bright colours today.