Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I learned this year that my Janome isn't indistructable...
it has siezed twice in a year.

I learned that with help from my "private" teacher, I really improved in my pattern choices.

I learned that I really have gotten better at quilting at the cottage...

I also learned that it's not a race about finishing a quilt
so quickly...I don't know how some machine quilters do it.

I learned that the hand quilters who follow my blog are truly my opinion.

I learned that the little threader that Helen gave me is probably one of the best little tool around.

I learned to get really really good at stitch picking.
Yeah really...

By the way the photo on the right is of the Virgin Islands, with 22 ft waves coming ashore. Oh to be a surfer.
I just loved the photo that was posted......I didn't learn anything from that...


I learned that sometimes 6:30 am with a cup of coffee in hand is sometimes the best time to quilt or get hands are quite steady then, so I can cut straighter than after 4 pm.

Best of all, so far, I learned that I am so thankful for the small joys in life that are shared by so many of the bloggers on the web....what did we ever do before the blogs were invented?

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here is the photo of my mother and I on Christmas

morning. She still looks pretty good for 90 years old!

We were all at our daughter's home for the feast of brunch.

My mother lasted about 2 hours and then all the excitement of the day was too much for her. I'm sure that many of us with mothers who have a bit of dementia or other age related frailties can identify with my problem on holidays.

It has been decided that we will not take her out for huge family outings as it's just too hard on her, no matter how good our intentions!

But she was there for the photo op and I think that
counts for a lot.
I gave my daughter Kelly this quilt from the Moda, Swanky Chez Moi fabrics I made in the summer. It fits here bed well. She has a queen size bed, but we put the quilt sideways and with her duvet being white, the quilt looks made for the bed! She loves it!
Fabricland has still it's sale on, and so of course I had to see what was there. I did buy some black, white and black and white fabric for an idea that I have in mind.
I'm going to my quilt shop today, to see if they have my sewing machine fixed and also to see what's on sale there. The fabrics at the quilt shops here in Canada are always so expensive......$15.00 per metre is a lot I think...anyway 50% off is my regular price for shopping American online shops and they always have sales! Anyway, I am going to have a look-see.
We played Apples to Apples on Christmas day and with 4 teens, 4 adults, the game was a hoot. One of the cards said "a loan shark" and when one of the teens asked what that was, another replied..."You know Jaws, the movie? Well it's that shark all alone hunting for people to eat!" The adults just howled....not too bad a description of a loan shark after all I think.
Very very cold today, 2 degrees F. that's cold by any standard...

Sunday, December 27, 2009


As is the norm, we are all so tired after the celebration
of Christmas day.

This year, my second son gave me a day out to see the
King Tut exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
There wasn't much of line when we arrived at 10 am, but an hour later, what a difference!
The set up was a bit distracting and I found it very "hollywood" in displays, what with the voice of Harrison Ford booming in doom like voice making the whole of it a bit too much.
The works of art are truly something to behold, so it was worth the walking to each room to view the statues, the icons, and the gold mask of King Tut. Amazing details when one considers the tools the Egyptions had to use.
There were some necklaces that must have had 2000
precious and semi precious stones, then others with
flowers embedded in the gold pendants about 1/2"
No photos were allowed of course and although many of the items were behind glass, others were touchable which made it all worthwhile.
Just to see the details of the works right down to the toes of statues that only stand about 6" high and others that were two to three times that size, but all so identical in detail must have taken those artisans many long and arduos days.
The highlight of the day at the Gallery was the display of about 100 model ships of all sizes and ages. There were tall ships and small passenger carriers, some models from as far as Japan and Turkey, aged from 300 year models to post WW2. Quite amazing displays of workmanship, some of which were done by POWs in the camps of WW2. And that was free to anyone to see!
On Christmas morning we picked up my mother at the nursing home to take her to our daughter's home for the Brunch of the year....So much food and so well presented. Sausage strata, blueberry french toast, cinnamon french toast, fruit trays, coffees, and too many juices to name. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Then our friends, Bob and Mary (cottage ) had our gang for Christmas dinner. Mary outdid herself this year and Jeremy was so happy that she made her famous squash and apple bake. All in all, even though we all say the same thing every year that we won't eat too much.....we always do.
Yesterday, we were vegetables, just laying around and watching movies and trying to not eat too much of the leftover goodies, that somehow always taste so much better the day after. Don't you think?
I've been reading those that posted, and it seems we all survived!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I just want to thank you all for reading my blog over the past year.
It has meant so much to me, especially the encouragement and lessons you give me.
Life is good, we should count our blessings more often.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I made the strippies because they were easy and fun to make! After my friend had done hers for her family, which they absolutely loved by the way....I decided to get moving on mine.

I made a couple of the "music" quilts, only because I could use black which is always a good colour to have and the teens will like the designs.
"Oh cool Nana" is going to be the operative word of the day.

One of the music strippies is done in a reddish check, while the other is in music notes. They both look good in the different colour schemes so if the kids bring them to the cottage or hang out together they won't get mixed up in whose quilt is ....whatever.

I really like the music notes a lot as it gave the quilt a really different look from the checked one.

I am also parting with the little green quilt that
is just poking in the photo on the right of the second
shelf. It's time to move on to others.

I still find it hard to part with my projects. I think it must be so for all of quilters, even if we will see them again in their different environments.

I then decided to use the black print that you see
in the last strippie...I bought this print as one of
my first purchases when I decided to quilt.

It is very suited for strip quilting as the print is very large. Large prints are hard to work with I think. This got rid of it.

I also used the last of the yellow print on the back which I had used on the Moda quilt in the summer. I didn't have quite enough, hence the lovely orange strip on the back. It just popped this quilt.

I also see on the shelf at the back the little doll
that I made years ago. It is one of 9 that were
done that year from a Vogue pattern for doll making.

My friend Dawn and I made the dolls, sewed the clothes too and then put the hair on individually on the heads.. The hair came from a bag of curls and that was the most fun. I couldn't download another photo on the blog, or I'd have done so. It is only one of two that remains....lots of use of these babies I tell you.

What with the Christmas rush upon us, I am amazed that anyone of us is able to post. This is my first in a week or so and I am taking time this morning to get it done. I've not even read blogs...that's how busy I've been.

I don't think I'll be back for a bit as I still have so much to do...all those organized people. My daughter, who loves this season always decorates her house beautifully and it always looks so different every year, has invited us for brunch on Christmas morning as is tradition, came to dinner last week and thought my decorating for the first time in years was awesome!

Candles are the way to go...I lit about 30 of them all over the house, the tree was up, fresh poinsettias around and Voila! Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you who come to visit...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have been so busy doing other stuff besides quilting that I am resorting to doing a few strippies for gifts.
This one I just love the prints, although the photo isn't the best that I've taken, the musical instruments and the notes on the back make it quite "manly".
My friend Dawn has finished her quilts, actually did the corners to perfection and her carpol tunnel seems to be in remission as she has had acupuncture so the hand finishing of her last quilt was done by her.
We have had excellent weather here in Whitby, only receiving a dash of snow yesterday afternoon. Wet stuff too, so if the sun shines today, which it will, the snow will be gone! We still have not had a killing frost...imagine, it's December the 8th.
There is always so much to do for preparing for Christmas that it's a wonder we women survive it all.
I wonder if really it's worth it sometimes as we should really think of simpler times. We don't have little ones in the family any more, all teens now...hard to believe that the time has gone by as fast as it has.
#1 granddaughter is in her first year university, # 2 & 3 are finishing high school this year, there are 5 more in high school and only one in senior year of public school. Time really really flies doesn't it.
We have checked the web site that keeps track of our cottage country and this time last year there was a foot of snow...this year, there is still no ice in the bays which means people are still able to motor out to their cottages although there is only the little outboards that one can haul in and out quickly in the water.
A mild winter seems to be in the making. I still am in sweaters to go out...wahoo!
Yesterday on Turner Classic there was so much history on December 7th and the following war in the world that it was hard to concentrate on my quilting. I find it so incredible that there was so much film taken considering what was going on in Pearl Harbour, and also the following documentries in China, Japan, the African and European campaigns. We were witnessing history and it seems that we haven't learned much have we? Women should rule the world! We would protect our babies from harm!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I find it really hard to do more of a "male" type quilt than

the "girly" ones.

I like bright colours, but when it comes to

boys stuff, it's hard to find something for my almost teen grandsons!

I found a few more neutral prints and have made this strippie quilt with a flannel backing which looks quite male.

I used (for the very last time in my life) a poly batting from when I had first started quilting and now I know why I had such a hard time quilting.

First, when I spray basted the flannel it was great, then when I sprayed to the cotton side, it didn't stick at all. I then had to pin the whole top to the batting which was a real chore! Not too much fun and if one has even a small nick on their hands or nails, well the batting caught it all.

I think this must be used solely for tying as I will never use it again. Bring on the natural battings!

Anyway, thank goodness that with two years under my belt in the quilting world, I worked through it. I can't imagine if I'd been a novice (sic) (really laughing at this) that I'd have given up on the quilt for sure. It looks very good now that my "expertise" had a go at it. I actually awoke at 6 am thinking about the work ahead on this quilt.

I have a couple more strippies that I will do for the boys and will definitely be using good batting. My local quilt shop also is now selling 120" wide batting which is quite nice to have, but I do like bamboo as one of my favorites.

While I was doing the hand work on the above noted quilt, I watched Michael Buble on tape at Madison Square Garden...I am so totally in love with his music and he is having the time of his life as he succeeds in doing what he loves to do best in the world.....singing the old standards. I saw this on Bravo last night and taped it anyway. Also another concert sometime in January apparently.

He told the story of his grandfather taking him around Vancouver to kareoke(?) bars so he could sing and that his grandfather got him his first jobs. Never did he imagine that he would be the success that he is. Just a wonderful guy, but OMG so much energy...he was awesome.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The quilt with the black print is the second of Dawn's quilts. The photo doesn't do it justice as I didn't have a photographer at the time, and tonight as I am blogging, the quilt is back with Dawn.

The third quilt was finished tonight and I thought that I would post both the ways the quilt can be seen.

The orange make the quilt really pop which makes it one of my favorites that she has made.

I am enjoying the hand work so much that I am definitely
going to set up some kind of applique work for the New

I think that with all the hand finishing that I have been doing for the past two years just on the bindings that I have quite mastered the art of taking little stitches. The secret I think is to make the consistent and that I am able to do.

Never having taken a course at a guild or group hasn't been a problem as my private lessons at the lake have made me more confident in experimenting with new

Isn't it funny how some of our photos are so vibrant while others seem pale and don't do our quilts justice.
I see this in these couple of photos. As stated before, in
real life the quilts literally sing!

We had such a busy day today what with eye doctor appointments, me for a re-check as the last time I was there he thought that the pressure in the one eye was such that he suspected maybe glocoma, however not so thank goodness, so needless to say I was relieved.

My sweetie, strangly enough and what with 10 years difference in our ages, he being younger....yeah yeah...anyway his pressure count was high also. So he is going for some kind of more extensive test next week, just to be safe.

My visits were totally paid for, being over 65 is one of the bonuses of life in that most of my drugs are free, and eye appointments are free, however now anyone between the ages of 18-65 must pay for their eye check ups.

The dogs were at the groomers so we spent the day running errands, having lunch out and just yacking about life...A great day and the dogs look so clean!

We only have the other dog Quince for two more days as his owners come back from Cozumel. I don't know how he is going to be about going back home...He loves living here.

Fabricland is having a 50% off sale for just members for the next three days...I gotta see what they have.

Did I tell you the little problem I had with my cursor? Well somehow I put a Christmas theme on the cursor, and whenever I moved it it sang "we wish you a merry christmas". At first I thought it was cute! Then I began to wonder how the you know what I had done this and how the you know what I could remove it!

For the past ten days, everytime I logged on...the bloody cursor sang...I asked a computer friend how to remove it and she laughed so hard I hung up on her...then I asked my little chat room I belong to where there is always an answer to computer guessed it ....more words exclaiming my expense once more.... Finally someone stopped laughing and I now report that I have a normal black cursor, but have learned that I could actually put a few thousand different themes on my cursor....I tell you though sometimes I feel cursed!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


When my friend Dawn decided to do something for her family for Christmas, she thought she'd make four strippie is completed!
The last quilt she made was last year at the cottage when she made her own birthday present...her first and only quilt. She was able to do all the hand sewing at that time, but now with carpol tunnel affecting her hands, I did the hand sewing of the binding for her on this one.
I just talked to her and # 2 is ready for finishing. We are aiming for four finished quilts this week if possible! I feel like Crazy Mom Quilts! And it is taking two of us to accomplish this much in a week of sewing (with the weekend off I thought) .
I just love the colours here and I don't think that the photos do the quilt justice. It's so bright! Oh I am happy that she likes to do brights too!
Tomorrow is another day of sewing....this afternoon I am watching the last Nascar race and knitting more mitts. No cowls for this girl, I've learned my lesson!

Friday, November 20, 2009


After much messing around, I finally, I mean finally made the cowl properly! I now know that the other wool was too fat and too chunky....oh, you already know that right?
Anyway, I called Helen a few times, sent a photo of the partial thing and even though it called for circular needles which I uses, I had to cast the stitches on as if it was straight because the wool would have been stretched. I certainly didn't want it stretched as I already have one that is!
So here it is, and it fits. I now must await cooler weather to wear it as we are still in the mid 40s and low 50s here in Whitby...
I am sewing today, it's a safer venue for me.. have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just a short post today, because yesterday just
about exhausted me, so I am showing you
Jamie Salee and Craig Simpson, he being of the
Edmonton Oilers I think.

Here in Canada, for charity of $100,000.00 there was a competition amongst professional figure skaters and hockey players as partners.

The first few episodes were a bit wobbly, as the guys tried to figure out how to skate with those pics....and to lift the girls and do it all for the money!

I just found this photo and she is spinning in the air, and hold her skate with the other hand. Now I tell you her partner is even looking and saying
OMGG! How'd she do that?

So that's why they won. Jamie Salee and her partner David Pelletier, now her husband won a gold at the olympics in pairs and that's the reason the points counting changed at the olympics. Remember how the Russian judges tried to put the fix on and the world just screamed so loud? Well this girl has it all!

Craig Simpson said the guys took some ribbing for donning figure skates, but he said it was five months of hard work!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My friend, and I won't mention who, gave me this "fabulous cowl pattern"....So I went out and bought this lovely yarn to knit. I was very excited and spent all my spare time for three whole days knitting this sucker!

As you can see from the look on my face....I have no idea what I've created here, but you know when I asked my sweetie....remember the compliments of quilts of the summer...."did you mess it up?" fame....he didn't utter a word...Not one
word! He didn't want to be up the creek again!

Finally, I asked him what did he think it was?
He said that it looked kinda like a rastafarian
hat! So I put it on...see photos...and he just said
that I should let him take a photo and send it to said friend and ask her if this is how it's supposed to look!

I did look on the web for photos of "cowls" and holy cowl (a bit of levity here) none looked like this thing!

So.....tomorrow is bridge day and I am taking it for the girls to see if they can figure out what to do with it. my sweetie is too!

I have been knitting the fingerless gloves for the hospital and have about 7 pairs done and I do think I shall continue that endeavour and give up on the aforementioned thingamajig....

I am also making placemats with the rest of that sheet that I cut up last week. I shall have about 10 finished in no time. Quilting is a lot more successful than my knitting.

I have had a few requests for the little bag I made for my mom so I am going to line and quilt the next few.

When she lived in the Virgin Islands (British) she had her boutique which carried many one of a kind items. One of them were little scarfs with her sandpiper logos on them I do have a few left and am thinking that I shall make a bag out of one of the better conditioned ones. I will quilt it and you know that by doing that I am enforcing the fabric.

Our weather has been in the 50s and I can't believe it! Sun every day, I wore sandals again yesterday and didn't even have cold feet! What makes this weather so great is sunshine. We usually get rain in November due to the hurricanes and tropical storms in the south. But not this year...we are blessed.

I did read that the Islands are getting torrential downpours, but if they wait 15 minutes as the saying shall pass.

I was thrilled, needless to say that receiving a note from Lindsey (Five Healthy Hearts) after 5 weeks of not blogging saying that all was well with the world made my week! It's amazing how we all connect even though most of us will never meet yet we are friends.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is the pecan pie I made. I used walnuts because I didn't have pecans and it tasted heavenly!

Also super easy to make....Here's the recipe.

Unbaked 9" pie shell.

1/2 cup light brown sugar,

1 1/4 cups corn syrup

1 1/2 tsp four

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

3 eggs

1/4 cup butter or margarine, softened

1 1/2 cup pecans.

Beat eggs together, then add rest of ingredients except pecans.

Pour into unbaked shell, sprinkle pecans over mixture.

Bake 40-50 minutes. ( I have a hot oven so 40 did it for me)

Cool completely, and store in fridge

Really doesn't get any better than that. If you want the recipe for your computer I can send as attachment to you if you want.


Today was a Day to Remember and of course with the weather being so beautiful many many more people than usual turned out for the Ceremonies. Always so touching and for this family, in the last year we have lost many of our war veterans. My Uncles, Roland (who served in Second World War, and Uncle Bob and Charlie who served in Korea....We remember them all, my dad was in London, my Uncle Bert fought in France and in my sweetie's family, he had merchant marine uncles and his dad was a courier in France and Belgium...we remember them always, but especially today.

Monday, November 9, 2009


When I visit my mother at the nursing home, she has this little bag that she puts her "stuff" in. You know tissues, hairbrush and a few sweets that are handy when she needs them.

My mother, who had a boutique at her restaurant/pub in the Virgin Islands in the 70s till the late 80s sold countless numbers of thes little bags. they came in different sizes, were made of canvass. She designed them and had them made by a local gal in the BVI. People that were sailors often bought these to keep their money, stuffed their bathing suits in them or tshirts when they cam ashore to her bar.

Anyway, as you can see, this is an old one which has been used for a long time. I can't remember my mother without one of these little bags. My daughter has one the is about
a quarter of this size, and she has used it for years for her
make up when she travels. I have a large one that I use
for my meds and whatever else goes to the cottage.

Speaking of the meds, they seem to get more and more
each year, so am glad for the larger bag.

Now since I gave my mother the Oh Cherry Oh! quilts, she asked for a new one in bright colours for her "stuff".

I made this one. I had such a time figuring out how to have the right amount of fabric to go around the circle (made from a cd) and had to cut and cut to get the right size. Of course, I had to sew the straps on last.....easy compared to measuring the circle thing.

She loved it! She was even able to talk of her much
loved Island in the Carribbean where she lived for
over 30 years. She sometimes has a hard time
remembering her life, but this brought back many
fond memories. It made my heart feel so good.

The local hospital is having a mittens tree in the lobby and they are asking for donations. I made 3 pairs of fingerless mittens....all with different cabled designs on them this past weekend.

I was watching the National Geographic Channel regarding the War Years, so my hands were kept busy! I may try to put a thumb on the next pair but since I am knitting them on straight needles, I am going to improvise on the thumb.

I have been cooking new recipes which have turned out really really well. I made two roast beef dinners with two different cuts, one prime rib and the other sirloin tip which were superb if I do say so myself. We like our beef on the rare to medium rare, which they turned out perfectly!

I have never found roast beef to be an easy thing to cook but over the years, I have experimented with different methods. This one is a keeper.

I also made a pecan pie, the most easy pie to truly impress guests. I'm posting that soon. My sweetie said to take a photo of it as it came out of the I could post it to "your blogging buddies"

Our weather is so warm, I am back in the sandals again! I think that there is a song in there somewhere...we are also getting the same today! We are having a very late Indian summer I think. People were out washing cars, cutting the grass, well actually mulching leaves with the lawn mowers, and there was a skins and shirts basketball game in the park with lots of people in shorts watching! The Olympic dream girl and her brother were out on the bay working out, as were lots of others. Christmas lights were being put up although only one house, with little ones,
had them lit last night. It was just a super weekend!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday was a morning that was raining, cold, the wind was blowing wet leaves, and the sky was very dark.....

So, I decided that I would get some sewing done but didn't really know what to do. I had bought a sheet at goodwill for using it as the back of a quilt which of course it didn't look good, so it's been sitting on the shelf for ages.

I cut it into placemat size and went on a spree! I made 8 placemats in no time and have enough
fabric for doing napkins today. I had such fun
doing this, that I may use up a lot of scraps
and get rid of all the little pieces of batting that
I just don't have the heart to throw away!

I also made a pair of pyjamas bottom which turned
out well also. I had a sheet with a lovely bottom
decoration to it and serged this in about 15 minutes.

And since it was a crappy day, I decided to make
bread and pizza. My dough turned out so high
and light that I took a photo of it for you to see the way dough should look when making bread.

So many of us use the bread machine these days, but you know there is something to be said to just standing there, kneading dough and feeling how lovely it feels when it finally becomes a soft and completed little ball of dough.

The day wasn't a total loss as the sun came out in the afternoon which meant walking the wonder dog. I tell you dogs really are more frisky in cooler weather. The Westie runs all over the park on cooler days. Warm days, he walks and sniffs, no big deal...We returned home after about 45 minutes and within minutes, the sky had darkened, the hail hit the front of the house and travelled to the back with the wind howling, picking up leaves and what ever else was on the ground and blowing it across the park!

It's a good thing I had returned, it could have lifted the pooch!

I am also knitting the fingerless gloves for the hospital Christmas tree in Oshawa General. I assume that there will be a bazaar to go with the tree. My friend says that these mitten trees are quite popular. I need wool, so am off to Walmart and Zellers to get some bright colours today.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Oh I know it was a lame way to start a blog! But I did love Laugh In! when it was on.

I am making these slipper socks for my mother to wear at night. I can make one a night if I put my mind to it. I mean one sock a night not the pair.

I downloaded the original pattern, but it was way too small so I had to "improvise" (I do that all the
time in quilting, remember?) and make the pattern
larger. I think I have it down pat now and will make
a few pairs for her to wear at night in bed. I may even
make a few for me! They really are comfy.

Well this morning when we were just getting our day started, I wasn't even dressed at 10 am but when I looked out the window which faces the park and beyond that the new school, I could see little fairies, devils, witches, and clowns followed by hundreds of other dressed up munchkins!

I quickly dressed and managed to get a couple of shots of the kids as they went around our neigh-
bourhood marching and waving all the time laughing and following the parade!

What a sight. I wished for the days when the
grandkids were young again and doing this dress
up for hallo'ween.

I used to love that night when my children were
of the age....I used to have a large tub filled with
water, have apples there for dunking and loads of towels with
which the kids could dry their heads after the

I made lots of caramel toffee apples, which was my specialty and since we lived in a small community, everyone knew I made them. The kids had to dunk, get the apple then they could pick out the apple of their choice. I got to really laugh a lot on that night. I remember one night when one boy failed to get the apple and he said that he would be back....went home changed costume and returned to win it the right way!

I also made butter tarts, brownies to give choices
to the little ones. Ah, those days when we didn't
lock our doors and every kid was safe in our neighbourhoods....yes those were the days.

I am still not sewing as yet, but my friend who is learning to quilt has her four tops done and next week, like it or not, we are quilting. That should do it for me.

I haven't been totally useless though. I did make a spaghetti pie that I hadn't done in years and years, made a meat loaf that also hadn't been done in eons. But the best thing I made was a supperb, (if I do say so myself) fresh apple cake. I can't remember where the original came from, but mine has been kicked up a notch, so much so that it has surpassed the "cowboy bread" as the new favorite quick cake. Now that's something.

I will post the cake soon. It makes a 9 X 13 so it's big. It also freezes well. (I tried that even though the next day it was unfrozen)

I'm like a few of you who sometimes just doesn't know what to write about.. isn't that something? Me........ without words...OMG!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is the recipe I told you about.

It really is Yummy! and easy to make.

2 lb butternut squash

2 apples (we used Macs) cut into 1" squares

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp flour

1/2 tsp pumpkin spice (or allspice or mace)

Cut up peeled squash into 1" squares.

Mix remaining ingredients, except apples

Stir mixture into squash.

In an 8 X 12 dish, pour squash mixture, top with

apples. Cover with foil.

Bake @ 350 about 50-60 minutes.

I have been helping a friend make strippie quilts for Christmas for her family. Myself, I am making a couple for the boys in my life. It's hard finding "boy" fabrics and I may go to flannels next time I do one.

Not too much otherwise going on in my life. It is good to be home, to have unpacked and get this house in order for the winter season. I should be out of my "funk" next week when the sun re- appears over our province. I love the fall season, but the rains are somewhat depressing.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


When we left the cottage on Thursday afternoon
we took about an hour to get warm in the car. I
even had the seat heater on to warm my butt!

On Thursday morning it was 24 F. and needless to say that was a bit chilly. We did have the wood stove and an electric heater on in the main part of the cottage, but when my sweetie put up the final three shutters it blocked any sunlight and it was cold!

Since we had the final packing to do even though the previous day we had taken a boat load over to the truck, we still had the final stuff to take.

Thank goodness we did get rid of the majority
of our goods as the new dock guy (guys) came
to remove the final little dock and we were
almost hitting bottom with the boat as the
water was so low. It would have been almost
impossible to load the boat after that.

The boat was then moved to the neighbours dock and we had to bring the motor right up out of the water as we were almost on bottom there too. Let me tell you it was a feat to get into the boat when we finally left. I almost had to jump down the water was so low, and of course the wind was blowing like a good thing.

And did I mention that it was cold? Yes it was a north east wind at about 15 miles per hour and my sweetie who is never cold actually had to keep coming in to warm up when he was draining the water.

So we left, it was in sunshine at least and the
wind was at our backs. We are not staying this
late next year...I'm just too old for this nonsense!

When the kids left on Monday, you can see here in the photo that it was cold as everyone is bundled up to the nines.

Except of course the grandson who just doesn't feel the cold! He was barefoot all weekend! Just
before they were leaving he asked his mom if she
knew where his shoes were and had she brought
him socks! It was also the first time he had put
on his jacket too!

Here he is reading in the bunkie in bare feet while the rest of us were bundled up. His mother says his feet needed scrubbing when he got home!

Do you blame us for leaving? Look at the storm which was the snow going across the lake on Sunday and Monday. We usually are in the mid 50s at this time of year! Everyone in North America is complaining of the weather.

You can see here in the photo that I still have flowers in bloom, the grasses are blowing in the wind and the snow is passing by.
So I brought most of my quilts home, forgetting the first nine patch I made in the new bunkie but
that's ok as I have lots here anyway, but I did
want to give it to one of the kids.
But best of all is the gift of love! I took my nine patch Oh Cherry Oh! to my mother and put it on her bed. She loves loves it! I had to bring staff into her room for her to show what I had been doing this summer!
Being 90 yrs old with some dementia, she just kept stroking it and looking at the bright colors.
She kept saying thank you and said it was just plain "pretty beautiful".
It doesn't get any better than that does it?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This weekend which was Thanksgiving for we Canadian, was extremely cold with the sun coming out only for Saturday. The men decided to take out the docks because the regular guy decided to retire and we hadn't heard whether the new guy (a lot of guys) would show up.

Anyway, it was a huge endeavour that took the men all day to just get the two docks you see up on the beach near by. As a result the men were just exhausted on Saturday night and had their brawn shown up by a 72 yr old guy that is so fit that he put all the others to shame.

I think the "men" are now thinking that exercise
is not such a bad thing after all.

Unortunately Sunday was a disaster day for all of
us here at the lake. The men rested. It rained. It snowed. It then
sleeted. It was to say the least very cold also
as we had big winds. There were three heaters in
the sunroom to keep it liveable and the wood
burning stove going full bore.

I think that next year, we won't be doing Thanks
giving here at the cottage. It's just too iffy weather.

But speaking of the was awesome and with Mary stuffing the beast we had, a delicious apple-turnip bake, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and my raspberry thing, we ate well.

So........tomorrow we leave and I am leaving with
the memory of this little tree that sits at our shore
line. Everything looks so pretty when the sun shines, the breezes are light even if it is brisk outdoors.

Oh, and we now have raccoons on the island. I have some amazing bins that they can't get into but have tried so they are tipped over, and the wonder dog is sniffing like he knows something I don't....

Friday, October 9, 2009


This is finally finished! It's raining and there just isn't a place inside the cottage to set up a "photo shoot" as the sayin goes.

I just love this quilt looks and since Oh Cherry Oh! is one of my favorite fabric Jelly Rolls, it is fitting that this is the last quilt at the cottage this year.

I did the binding in white to really give it the oomph as putting any colour but white on the binding just didn't work for me.

Since we are probably leaving next Thursday or
Friday depending on the weather, I have almost
finished packing away all my sewing stuff in its
large bin and since I am taking the little suit-
case home, I put all the little patterns that Helen made up for me this summer.
I also have a flying geese tutorial from her to make this winter. It's similar to the Fons and Porter design, but my private teacher is so organized that her samples are so precise that I can't screw it up, hard as I could try which isn't much when I have to do the math. I am so looking forward to making this as my next endeavour in this quilting world.
So, with this being the Thanksgiving weekend and probably our last of the season, I am taking it off and going to do puzzles and eat turkey.
I make Orange Cranberry Sauce every year from the Cottage Life recipe file. It is absolutely yummy. If you want it go to Cottage Life .com and get it. Happy Thanksgiving !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This rainbow appeared last night on the island across from us. It has to be one of the favorite places for rainbows as I've other photos similar to this. Why does that happen I wonder. This also took place around 6:30 pm, just before sunset. Very unusual time. With only 4 people on the island we witnessed this spectacle! It was huge!

Helen has been busy! She started on these "little houses" and now has enough for a gift for her
granddaughter for Christmas. I love the colours
which just make this little design stand out when
surrounded by white which they will be.

She is going to search for little doll fabric to be
on the back of this quilt. Won't that be so cute?

There was an add for Walmart in a magazine and since Helen was making houses, I gave her the
add and this is what she came up with. The fabric was chosen by her granddaughter who is in love with bright fabrics. So it's going to be framed and given to her mom for Christmas.

I must say once someone like Helen starts making something, it sure releases her creative juices. In the middle of the little houses is a
leaning pine tree which they have in front of
their cottage, so it fits there perfectly! I think
it's a nice touch to have the pine trees inter-
woven in the houses don't you?

We haven't had the best of weather (oh lordy, being Canadian I do go on) but at least it isn't very cold and I can sit in the sunroom and sew.
I have almost finished the nine patch Oh Cherry
Oh! quilt top. I don't know if I'm behind the ordinary people who quilt, but I do know that Crazy Mom Quilts is probably finished hers plus a few others.....
I do love the quilt colours and am looking forward to finishing it before we go home after Thanksgiving. I'm making my list of things to take home already with a few packed as I won't need them.
The hardest part is always about the food. We need so much for the weekend, yet I don't want to be packing up so much stuff which means the boat trip again and you know that just shopping is a chore, but getting it into a boat etc is really a chore!
Oh well, we are going to eat well since I do have the biggest eaters showing up! Wahoo!

Friday, October 2, 2009


See this suitcase? I found this photo in a magazine (Quilter's Newletter) and thought of Karen ( who has been on holidays this summer, taking fabulous photos of her trips and posting on her blog. See my sidebar Karen Quilts to see the great and unusual pics she and her husband have taken.
Anyway, when I saw this photo, it reminded me that if one is a hand quilter, then this little suitcase would have indeed been a perfect travelling companion for someone such as Karen.
Her hand quilting is extraordinaire so go have a look and enter her giveaway!
We have returned to our little cottage to find that the cold has indeed arrived at the lake for the weekend. Not too many cars at the marina and the island has only two inhabitants so far, well three, the mighty dog has come with us too!
The east wind is howling as I write this so it will make it difficult for the neighbours who will probably arrive at twilight which is now 7:30 pm. The lake level is very low so they will have to do a climb out of the boat of about 5 ft. Honestly the lake level has dropped that much in the past month.
Those of us who have floating docks are lucky. We do for the time being but next weekend they come out, so I think we will be having to roll out of the boat if we leave the island.
I think I am ready to leave for the warmth of our house. You know a furnace, a garage, all things automatic! After reading of Barb's (Bejeweled by Barb on sidebar) my little complaints are nothing. American Samoa needs some help, so I am going to do my best to send something to those people.
Have a good weekend. It's calling for rain, rain and more rain here, but we are warm and have food. We are blessed!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


When we awoke this morning, the sky looked like this!

So we decided that the red sky in the morning meant only one thing....bad weather was coming.

So we are leaving the lake today sometime. Before we cross the lake in bad weather as we
don't have protection from rain on the boats.

We are tough!

See the plant hanging from the deck? It started
out looking like an ordinary plant. I think it's
related to the petunia family. I don't know, but
one thing for sure, it sure grew over the summer
and is now over 6 ft hanging there and still
blooming and growing. I am going to buy one
next year for sure. I had some daisy type planter that has been long gone and you know I spent so much money on those planters!

The basket with bidens and million bells is still in full bloom. But since we are heading home for a few days, I think that we will have frost so that will be the end of the flowers for this year. Sigh!

Now what do I put in that box? I received this
from my sister in law Kim for my birthday. She
gave it to me last weekend. It matches some of
the sofa cushions that I covered this summer.

She didn't know I had that pattern in the great room.
How cool is that?

And Mary who bought me this watch in the summer and actually kept it for a couple of months gave me this a couple of weeks ago.

I have this thing about watches. "Nana, not another watch" is what the Olympic girl said this
morning when she called.....I must have about 15
watches, almost all of them run too! None are very expensive, but the main thing in the last
few is that I can see the time without having to
search for my glasses!

This one I can see without even stretching my arm out....I love it.

I received money from the sweetie to do with what I want....Fabric for sure.

Thanks so much for sharing this birthday with me! I am touched!

Friday, September 25, 2009


When I started this little quilt last year out of just scraps of this and that, I was thinking a lap quilt is all.
Of course things change when I start thinking and the brain gets really thick! Oh yeah, this photo looks so amazing doesn't it? It's supposed to look awesome because I decided to do something different in my "free motion quilting" thing.
Remember a few days ago I mentioned a site
called by that name? Well she is doing 365 days
of free motion designs......Yeah, and this one
is supposed to be easy. How hard can the
"beginner" level be? I says to the slow moving
brain yesterday.

This is supposed to be "sea grass" or some such thing as for the life of me I forget and am too embarrassed to go back and look at the real thing on her blog.....Not only that, but for the first time since this is a small quilt, I decided to add a piece of what would have been the front to the back.
Well, now I think that the back looks better than the front. I just didn't think I should photo the back but now, it looks better and better.
I finished the binding in bright (oh yeah, bright)
yellow to take away from the free motion (sic)
quilting I did.
Ok, here's a hint to anyone attempting something
like this.....try a 12" square instead of 3 ft square
dahhhhhhhh! I did practice for about 45 minutes
and on a small piece of scrap, I was booting it at
a great pace, you know steady, meandering (I
think that's her word not mine!) and thought
it was time to "go for it"
Lesson....try to just do the sashing as the "sea grass" for starters!
Lesson...Don't show it to the sweetie. "It looks like a signal flag!"....."Oh you messed up with the back did you?"....."Oh it looks good!" (Too late for any sucking up now .......sweetie)
He is heading to the dock with a glass of wine for me....fat chance of THAT happening.....oh, geez, I probably need two of those!

On a lighter note, we are heading home next week for a few days, so I will have a break to renew my "creative" juices...OMG!
Oh, and a happy birthday to me tomorrow, along with about 8 other people I know. But none as old as me....who cares?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When I started this quilt, I think I was in a
great place for creating. Not only did it turn
out better than I expected, but it really is so
just plain pretty!

I used up one 1200 yds roll of thread give or take a bobbin or so. Just to do the stippling was 12 bobbins! Thank goodness for the Janome winding of spools, it is so efficient!

I had a hard time deciding to even just open the Jelly Roll, let alone what I was to do with it! I decided to do a coin quilt. I used one of my
favorite fabrics for the backing in yellow. It really makes the quilt look kind of delicate even
though it's fairly bright.

Oh and I tried to photograph it sort of like BGH magazine front.. oh well it's finished. It took me almost three days to just do the stippling because I decided to do it close.

I have another sort of coin quilt top to finish as it was started with scraps of left overs in the winter and speaking of the "W" word, I must move along because I think we will have only a few weeks left here at the cottage.

I was sewing this afternoon and looked out the
window and noticed that this tree turned colour
overnight! OH OH!

We started out with thunder and lightning to
go with the rain this morning, but this afternoon
wow!, The sun is out and a light breeze to dry
the deck and it's truly beautiful.....70 degrees and
it's almost September birthday.

We are heading to the dock for the rest of the afternoon since it's so sunny down there!

thanks for stopping by!