Saturday, February 16, 2013


 My days have been spent knitting while sitting at the pool.  Life is actually speeding up as we only have about five weeks left here on the Panhandle of Florida.  Then we move further south for a month by another pool, but close to a grand son who will be there.

The girls received these snuggies to keep them warm during their snow days in Canada.  They loved them!

You know it's hard knitting for young adults as style is everything.  I also gave Tory a watch which is called a snap watch as it just snaps on the wrist.  She is having her 21st birthday so she got the watch too!  Loved the colour, and the style too!

I have given and sold a few of the said scarves while here which was just a bit more money to buy more wool to make stuff.  I am sick of knitting socks, or maybe just sick of knitting and wish I was quilting.  Bring on spring I say!

I did make a shrug, which was to be a large, but will be lucky if it fits a size zero person as it turned out so small.  Not being an "expert" knitter, I didn't notice the sizing till it was almost finished. make matters worse I ran out of the edging about two feet from the end.  It might fit an 8 yr. old I swear and she better be skinny!

We also watch dolphins as you can see from the photo which was a lucky shot as I could not see because of the sun.  Lucky me.

Being Canadian, we watch the weather channel.  It is in out DNA I swear, no matter where we are!  So thankful to have missed all the snow and as you can see from the above photo, some people do like it though!  I looked for days at the storms affecting so much of the US and Canada and really was happy to not have to deal with it.

Here in Florida as else where in the world the texting while driving is crazy!  There are people here on vacation who are never far from the dreadful things!  Honestly, what did we ever do before all of this.  I fear we may all grow thumbs and forget how to talk.  I shall be the only person who wishes for a landline phone and hope that someone at the other end knows how to talk!

Downton Abbey is in its two hour finally tomorrow night so I shall be glued to the telly, and dressed for the occasion....just kidding, but I will be glued!