Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm happy that we are back in the groove of the New Year.

My favourite thing for this day is just looking forward to the weekend. I'm retired so it shouldn't matter should it? But it does.

It means family and friends who aren't are available through the week have time for sharing our lives even for a couple of days.
I look forward to the surprises that happen on the weekends...friends dropping by, an impromptu meeting for brunch, simple pleasures. That's what Fridays are about.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


When a granddaughter who is a
natural at sewing asks to come
and hang out for the day....well
this is what results.

Tory came with an old bag that had seen better days so we decided to just try and copy one to the best of creativity that we had going that day.

There was a rule as I wanted to take the photo of her success which is lined in green and pink dots...using up the dots you know!

Don't take a photo of my head she said as she hadn't done her
hair! Do you remember those days? So that's why her head is cut off!

This is Tory with hair done and make up on!
Next time the bag will be quilted as she has a real flair for handling the sewing machine.

I am using Google Chrome, which has changed almost everything on my computer so there is a difference to my blog today.

Canada is in mourning today due to the Russians beating us last night 5-3 when we had a 3 nothing lead! OMG... you
should have heard all the programs this morning regarding the loss. Sad lesson for the young men who gave their all.

We are getting snow! It's looking so lovely out....till the salt trucks go by and the people start shoveling and of course the dogs run through the snow in the back yard.

Monday, January 3, 2011


First, I won a giveaway! What a way to start the new year...thank you Deb at Quilt Gal, who actually doesn't live very far away....only about an hour!
I received those wierd looking things for Christmas from my son and his lovely. The best salad tongs ever! I had seen them for the first time about two weeks
before Christmas and I got a pair as
a gift! What a surprise! I just love them
as they actually have a lip so as to hang
over the salad bowl.
I have a book to pass on. I received it last year, read it, and now it's ready to move to another home. Paulette of Sweet P Quilting, sent it to me last year. She won it and sent it to me on a giveaway.
It's an easy read about a quilter....what else, but the story was really sweet. So if you want it, I shall mail it, you read it and then forward it to another quilter to read...sign your name to it too in the cover.
We are all back to normal aren't we? The decorations of the season are almost all put away, the children are back to school, all is quiet on the home fronts in the daytime.
We had our last get together of family for the holiday season last night. Roast pork, apple sauce of course, company potatoes, carrots, peas and chocolate cake for dessert. Only a bit of potatoes left, that's more decadent food left either.
They ate it all!