Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is my daughter! She brings the grandkids
for my summer fun.

Every time they arrive, there is a flurry of the
most amazing activities that happen upon
arrival .

This past weekend was no exception. First thing that happened withing minutes of arrival was three crazy teens jumping into the water and crashing around the water.

Then the water skiing happened before we could even think of eating!

Kelly and I just take photos of all the activities
and some that can't be explained as the kids
just have fun here!

There was a shampooing with enviroment proper shampoo that produced sculpted hair dos.
Then they decided to decorate their bodies with the shampoo suds.

I tell you they were laughing so hard. The one in the middle of the two grandkids is practically one of the family as Aleesha has been here many times and is also an excellent water skier which guarantees her acceptance.

The highlight of any weekend at the cottage is triple or quads of skiers going around the island.

Well as you can see the boat is chugging a bit to get the three of the kids up. We will be using a larger motor next year for sure as Jeremy is growing like a weed.

Jeremy is a wild skier and he wanted to go doubles with his sister who refused,"cause you are crazy" and Aleesha said "no way" we
looked next door and Jeremy said "What about
Erin!, she skies!"

So we shouted over, and she was suckered into
skiing with Jeremy! Not only that she didn't know he was a wild and crazy guy, but it was her first time on doubles and the whole experience was the longest ski of her life!


She was such a sport, and the girls figured she was light enough for triples with them the next day, but the waves on the lake were huge so it didn't happen!


Next year Erin will once again be picked to do
triples as she is light and also unsuspecting of the
ulterior motives of our gang!

I'm coming up to my 300th blog...I can't believe I have so much to say...a million little things in the brain and out the thoughts come!

I'm happy to say the Helen has picked up the "spring" quilt...aka bloody quilt...which she will return to the cottage this weekend. Now I'll have to quilt!

I'm sewing the nine patch which I better get a move on as the end of August is near, the Eastern Star was visible for the first time to me last night over the south east. It's that time of year for thinking of reducing the food stuffs here at the cottage...and starting to take home the sewing stuff that I haven't used this summer.

What happens to us? Why when I think of sewing all the time, the area is a great place and still I don't sew quilts? Yesterday, I cut an old white towel into dishcloths, and zigzaged all eight pieces. Then, I decided to do the nine patches.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My friend Helen has a lovely spot to do her
cottage quilting.


She uses her dining area, with her little sewing
table similar to mine which has her machine
even with the table.

When the little table is taken back to her city home, she collapses it, puts it into a carry all which has wheels.

It was purchased in the US last winter. Helen is like me in that she likes to sew with the machine even with the table. It makes for less stress on the shoulders and the back when quilting.

We who move around and machine quilt too must improvise our little spots. Karen (Karen Quilts) has been travelling for the past month or so and has her fabrics cut and sorted for camping for two months. A lot of planning goes on for those of us who have the addiction.

Did I tell you of the visits of the couple of cottagers who came to see the quilts after reading my little article by Helen? Well they arrived by boat, going down wind so the driver decided at the last moment that it was a bad idea, just as the other person was reaching for the dock, the driver backed up....the reaching person ended up reaching for water....too funny! She saved two pairs of glasses, her one shoe, having left the other in the boat, and only her cheerfulness let us know that we could roar with laughter.

The driver of the boat had a hard time docking since she was laughing so hard! I just carried a large towel for our visitor!

We had a lovely time looking at quilts, but what surprised me was that they didn't quilt at all!

I'm still having dowloading trouble, so the awesome photos of the weekend with the kids will keep for now.

It is so windy on the lake that only the very needy and brave are venturing out! Huge gusts are rocking our docks to the point that it really isn't safe to even go on them. The sun is shining though, so I'm not too troubled by the winds.