Monday, August 12, 2013


 One of my granddaughters has been diagnosed with this diseas.  Gosh here we are with her at the hospital, she is in isolation because of severe infection. 

There is now much learning to deal with this for her and us the rest of her life.  She is trying very hard to be brave but at 21 yrs old, she is still so young I think, to deal with this.

Do you know anyone who has it?  Can you advise us a bit of the day to day life of this illness?

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I love the look of flip flop quilts.  They say "happy" without too much thinking.   I usually just like to make the square with a pair of flip flops, but this year, I used a charm pack and made umbrellas to add to the square.

Each time I make this block, I
think of summer which we haven't  had yet!   Really!  One week does not say "summer!

The quilt is almost done and I will post it later, I made this one heavier than usual by using double batting (bamboo) which has made it quite heavy.  I'm not sure I would do this again, but what the heh, it looks good. 

The bigger quilt is a nine patch variation.  Once again, I cut into the squares and came up with something of the idea I got from Moda.  Goodness what would I do without the recipes from the creative people that Moda chooses.

I am in the city once again, this time to visit my granddaughter in the hospital.  She has Crohn's disease and has had a hard time of it for the passed year.   Coping with this is a long term situation and for the young and carefree, the disease sure puts a damper on cottage weekends it seems.

I have a windows 8 computer program.  Hate the fact that I do not have the start window on my left, and have been unable to use the picture format due to the 8 program which does not download directly.

I have used the old computer, then made a disc and only then do I transfer to my photo file.  OMG!  who planned this program?  Sure does not make it easy for people like me!  Microsoft needs to ask the users how do they like it!  Seriously!