Friday, August 14, 2009


This is the funniest true story of the summer....

At my sister in law's cottage....Charlene

Visiting nephew....Colin. (3 1/2)

The scene is Char in her small bedroom, in walks Colin.

Aunt Charlene, what are you doing to your face?

I'm putting on moisturerizer to smooth out wrinkles......

Well Aunt Charlene did you get a receipt?

Why Colin?

Well......... you should get your money back....cause it's not workin!

We are all still laughing when we tell this story....BEST STORY EVER!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


At the cottage there is always so much
activity going on with the wild life around

We have a young hawk as seen in this photo
that I took yesterday. He has such a sad cry as he looks for his mother or nest mate. He has been crying for the past few days and we actually did see the mother on the first and second day just following her young but low in the trees and I don't think he saw her.
He is here again this morning. He is probably a red tail hawk which is not a large hawk at all and is usually a very good hunter. So he better get hunting as he will need food soon. It's hard to identify what he is but I did a bit of research and it could be a red tail.
On the other end of the wild life, we have our little brown duck who started out with about fifteen young and has now six and they seem to be doing very well. She is very friendly and has been around our dock for the past couple of years. She has no fear of our wonder dog and he actually stepped back a few steps on the dock when she came visiting yesterday.
Our hummers are going crazy with the feeding from the bee balm (monarda) and at times there are five hummers and about 25 little bees fighting over the flowers. Boy, those hummers sure have an attitude...I think that they even get mad at me when the feeder gets low. I was checking a feeder last week and a male actually landed on my hand! I froze as I couldn't believe that it hadn't realized it was a human hand. It stayed there probably two seconds, but man you can imagine my joy. Males are very timid, but the females are much calmer and don't mind me around their food source.
On calm mornings, the fish jump for the bugs that are on the water. We can see the rings on the water as they get larger and larger. When the lake is super calm these rings are seen in abundance.
The last wild life we have here is a beaver. Yes, forget that this beaver lives on open water, has a very deep lake to contend with, it's here. It has taken down all the service berry bushes, the young maples and I don't know what else around here. It does come at night on the east side of the cottage and of course that's where we sleep and the dog keeps watch over us.
I have a very wonderful and peaceful life here. I am very blessed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My neighbour at the cottage found some old golf clubs and cut off the shaft and made hooks out of the head of the clubs. Very clever recycling idea don't you think?
She used old barn boards for the four hooks of which only one is complete, so I took this photo.
She is putting hooks around the cottage in different areas so that people may put towels, life jackets, ski ropes, etc off the ground. Very clever.
Thank you so much for comments regarding making my small quilt large. I am going to do what Lindsey, (five healthy hearts) suggested. I am going home after the weekend and hitting the shops around my area with my top to find just the right fabric which I will use for the sashing and then use it for the back as well I think. Honestly, I need to find fabric...I don't have stashes of different colours and when I need something I must shop around. I'm not a good shopper and my sweetie has just said to go buy fabric as I will go nuts without projects to work on.
Our little bathroom in the cottage is being painted today. The ladies from next door are going to do it. It is repayment for the three doors hung by my sweetie in their bunkie. Yes, a bathroom door is essential! I have taken before photos and will let you see our very simple loo when it's painted. So in advance I thank the ladies....
I often wonder how we have become such good "friends" when we have never met....I visit all the blogs on my list and have a few in my favorites that I look at, comment and see if we connect at all. Micki, that I visit all the time is in my favorites list but for the life of me, everytime I try to add her to the blog list, it reverts to 2006. So she stays as a fav.
Others, I see what they do and how often they blog. I think 2-3 times a week is good to keep a current blog...I noticed that Crazy Mom Quilts...aka Amandajean, has hit the wall with so much pressure to produce more and more ideas has resulted in Amandajean just being very tired and has decided to take a bit of a break...Goodness if I had 200 hits a day with comments, I'm sure I'd be overwhelmed too! I wondered how she did it all and raised a family too. Her creative juices need replenishing...
So, we will all be here no matter how often we write, how often we need a break and how often we run out of ideas, and how often we run out of fabric....oh that's not you's me. I am going to go shopping since all I have left is fabric to make shopping bags.

Monday, August 10, 2009


A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Jelly Rolls !

One of them, Oh Cherry Oh! I am making nine patch with Crazy Mom Quilts, and the other.....

is what you see here. It's called Swanky Chez very french don't you think? Anyway, here's what I did.

I sewed all 40 pieces of the Jelly together, well eight at a time. Then I cut these into 8" strips and joined all pieces together. I positioned them

so as not to have all the colours straight across by

taking two from one bottom, four from the next

and so on till I had them all lined up looking


I then cut out 5" strips of white fabric and joined
the strips together. Now here is my "little"
problem.....I want to make it bigger than the
about 67" wide that I currently will have when it's finished with just white borders.

I want to add about 15" on each side. Do you think it would look like that's what I did? Of course I should have bought two Jellies, but I didn't. I am thinking of using one of the colours from the strips and adding that to the sides. What do you think?

I just love how this turned out and coins are such a quick and easy quilt to make. I couldn't believe how quickly it came together. I do have lots of white that I could use for more border, but that would be too much white. Help...suggestions please.

We had rain of course and today it's so very humid that my sweetie is having a hard time moving around. He really feels the humidity...Me? not too much. It's better than cold. So now it's Monday and it looks like another couple of days of high humidity and thunder storms...what else is new for us this summer heh? Then we are looking at next seven days of absolutely wonderful summer's still good because we are at the cottage dot calm!