Friday, July 22, 2011


 We have had a massive heat wave for the passed week in Ontario and the North Eastern US.  At the cottage we don't have air conditioning because except for this year, we've never needed it.  Maybe one day each year it gets really really hot.  Well this fan that is in the sun room does it all.  It gives air.

Isn't that what fans are supposed to do?  Well I put the fan on high yesterday.  It is the first time I've done this, ever.  The temperature reached over the 100 degrees F.  The humid weather made it so uncomfortable that even
the birds weren't flying.  Except this little
woodpecker that was obviously learning the "fanning" techniques to enable him to stay in the air.  He flew by me so close that I felt the wind from his wings.  Very cute.  He is on the tree on the right.  Looks like a little branch, but he's there.  Hard to take a photo of birds. 

The humming birds were even scarce because of this heat.  What is
with that!

Well, with the fan doing its job, I started a new quilt.  I love this pattern as it just uses up fabric!  I have odds and ends of fabric that I swear I'm not buying anymore till the colours are used up.  Except for white, which I love.

I love black too, but I find it hard to see when sewing.  I've seen a navy fan quilt which I just love, but know the dark colour will not work with me.

Have a great weekend all.  Ours will be busy as we are expecting three kids who love to fish!  Should be fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 I know it's summer and it's supposed to be hot!  But this is is in the high 30s, or high 90s for those that follow different readings.

With the humidity its in the 40/100 range,  that's hot.  

The dog is fully recovered from surgery and has been on the hunt at
our friends' house which has the
beautiful pond with lots of fish that
also hunt.   The pond is home to about 7 frogs and 20 fish.  It certainly makes for a peaceful coffee place in the mornings.

We were in the city for our summer family wedding.  Our niece was married last Saturday in the city.

The affair was fabulous, as was the bride of course.  It was the happiest day in the life of her father.  The mother of the bride could become a wedding planner....I swear!

I took front and back photos of the dress.  A beauty of a dress and the bride could move in it very well to dance and walk about.  Some brides are enveloped in their dresses.  Not Carlie...she changed to summer flip flops as did the bridesmaids and they had a ball.

The groom who is the step son of an old small is the world?...said that
all he had to do was buy a new suit and
show up!

 That's about all we had to do up!

As we have returned to the cottage for about ten days of company, we are resting  as we prepare...also it's too hot to do much.  

It may be too hot to sew, although my head is spinning with an idea for a quilt, so I may go to the matt!