Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We are heading home tomorrow for our granddaughter's operation. So today will be spent putting things in order, getting our garbage ready to put in the boat and closing up for a few days.

The tumor which is benign is being removed at a radiology clinic in Toronto and we are taking her. It's a long operation I'm told, but just day surgery.

After all this, the recovery should be speedy and she will be back on her feet and putting 100% effort in her training program.

It's been a long haul to determine the growth and the pain. So it's being removed!

We have been having such incrdible weather, but it does have a downside. This past winter there was little snow up in the lake area, hence, not too much of a run off to our lake.

The photo actually is a tributory of a lake higher up
than ours and usually the waterfall (see below) is roaring
at this time of year.

Well it's just trickling down like it was the middle of July this year. So for all the good there is always a bad I suppose.

You can see the waterfall on the right side of the photo that is coming off the upper photo. It is usually just roaring down at this time of year.

The kids walk up there to just hear and see the roaring of the waterfall at Bear Lake. The upper part is called part of Livingston Lake in this area and they dump into ours, which is Kawagama Lake.

It is always an adventure to go there with the kids and I used to be able, like them, climb to the top and just wonder at the beauty around us.

The other photo is of our wonder dog Wilson who loves the boat ride and the excursion of the visit to the waterfall but we put the "boat coat" on him. It's easier
to control him and he knows there is a trip when he
sees the red life jacket.

I have a new blog for you to look at to just make us all that blog know that we quilters are a special breed; the cumberland island quilt chick (what a name) is on my blog roll and her photos are very amazing as well as her writings.

Isn't it something when someone connects with you, you connect with them and the links are all over the world?

Each and everyone that I visit is always so fun in the mornings when having coffee, seeing what each person has done, how their day is going and each day is a discovery! Visit Cumberland Island seen through her eyes.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Now who would sew with this kind of weather? It's like
summer....the summer we haven't had for three years
here in Ontario.

The weekend was all bliss weather, in the mid 80s, the sun was shining, light winds, therefore the lake went to about 60 the top 5 inches the swimmers told me!

Now, I just couldn't get my head into thinking about sewing. It was just not to be. I even tried to honestly lay out the geese, but it was too hot.

It's still so hot today and therefore, I am relaxing totally as we are planning our first trip to Dorset for our first shopping trip of the season. Yes, we need food after the weekend!

We also need water! Our lake is clean enough to drink from, but the taste just isn't sweet so we go to the spring well that the town provides.

I do count my blessings in life that we are still able to be here!
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