Friday, January 8, 2010


Now I like orange as I've said before in posts, but man alive....this is orange!

When Helen called in the summer and said that she had found some orange and white, white and orange dots and would I like a couple of metres since it was on sale, well what could I say?

Yeah sure a couple of metres should do me! Well how does one "tone" down orange? I've got this fabric that I found at goodwill and it actually seems to be doing the job. It isn't cut on the bias, it just is made that way, so it does give the block a bit of dimension, don't you think?

This is going to be my buckeye quilt that I posted a few
days ago. It sure is going to be differen. I may get
dizzy just looking at the dots.

Now, here is my question, should I put a yellow or
green binding on this, or just white. I think white
will be the back. I don't think I could live with
any more orange dots. The fabric actually also
comes in small orange and white dots...too much
of a good thing here....

I have been given a blanket holder...I'm going to paint it. Not orange for sure, but maybe just white and I am thinking that I shall put it in the bunkie at the cottage. Just for the decoration of it.

It was handmade by Mary's dad for her quilt that her grandmother gave her. So I'm going to cherish it. It has already come in handy for putting my strips for the quilt.

Oh it's so nice to have my computer back. Over 200 little critters were in here messing about. I was told that like a car, our computers need tuneups at least once a year. My antivirus scans didn't catch any of these! Only $70.00 for the fixup and a couple of new programs on of them being Excel, which I've never had.

We are in the middle of another very cold spell which I didn't realize when I took the dogs to the park for their run. The sun was shining and it wasn't until I got there that I realized the north wind was blowing drifts across the park. Even the dogs didn't last more than 10 minutes....One of them had ice on his chin from chasing the ball. My cheeks are still red! It's winter people!

I still haven't got my sewing machine back, hopefully tomorrow. It's because of the holidays and all the days that the shop was closed. Tomorrow...I hope!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yesterday, I read that one of the most popular bloggers
was signing off.

I had just posted that she was the person who got me started quilting.  I've commented on her help over the past couple of years of course, but never did I think that her blog would come to an end.

I didn't expect her to respond to my comments, but when she visited my blog, I was so thrilled that she took the time to share her thoughts.   

It's a wonder she had time to sleep let alone keep up this blog that took on a life that she probably never expected when she started blogging.

I often wonder about the blogs that have hundreds and hundreds of followers like me, if they realize how much we depend on them...for free too.

Anyway, I found this photo on the web, saying goodbye and just thought I'd be one of the group who says thanks for sharing and bringing the love of quilting into our lives a little bit each day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I saw this quilt that is the second quilt I made!  I remembered it so well as I made it with a 12" size cutting board and a 12" ruler.

My granddaughter Tory picked out all the fabric and started with the red dotted fabric.  When I finished this quilt, which is about 65 X 75, I remember thinking that this cutting thing was a chore! 

When I finished the quilt, is when I found a large 25 X 36 board, a long fat ruler and realized that changing cutters was awesome!  I tell you this (again) because it's now going into my third year almost of quilting so I have learned a few things since the 12" X 9" little pink cutting mat.

I love this's probably in the easy label as quilts go, but I tell you, I had to look at each and every little block, every stitch, every seam that went into was so hard for me to do.

I had only one little strip square left, but of course being me and doing the math the way I do, I actually have some of the red dot squares around somewhere.  Not enough to make a quilt, but a few squares are left.  Oh just another New Year reminder to this brain, I ran across all the orange and white squares that were part of the first quilt I made using the same measuring items.

I probably should have taken a lesson or two, searched the web a bit more, but after all, Crazy Mom Quilts...yeah her....she got me started.  It looked so simple and she didn't say what to use to cut the fabrics with...reminder to anyone starting out...use a large cutting matt and ruler!

So, looking at all my quilts, I've decided that I'm going to make another of this pattern...just because I really like the look of it, also I will need to try the stitch in the ditch thing with my Janome....that is if it ever comes back to me.  It's been at the shop since the 22nd of December.

Fabricland has a buy one metre, get two free going on...Sounds like good math to me!  I can cut out till my machine comes back.

Oh and I must do another strippy for a sweet little girl who likes pink!

Spring is 120 days away, give or take a day or two.

Monday, January 4, 2010


We are definitely in a cold spell here in Ontario.  Blizzard warnings and the lakes have frozen in the north near our cottage.

I received this photo to show that we should all be thinking of .....Antiqua...that would be good don't you think?

I sew in the basement which is usually just right for me to work, listen to music and be "creative" if you know what I mean.... well it's just too cold to want to do anything except put a quilt on my lap and watch television.

I did read "Playing for Pizza" by J. Grisham...the food made me want to go to Italy, but not in this weather...see?  I'm thinking warm and sunny all the time.

Last night, I saw "He's not into you" a total chick flick...Also watched "Two weeks notice"  again for the upteenth time and of course "Nottinghill" which is my favorite Julia film.

Today, I am off to pick up our Olympic girl as she is getting her resumes ready for University and we are going to lunch to discuss her future! 

Tomorrow...the tree comes down!  I'm over Christmas and all the holiday stuff.  I don't know any Ukranians !