Friday, April 12, 2013


 This morning we awoke to terrible weather, again.  Honestly, we crossed the border to return home only to have the worst spring weather ever!

Not only that, but that means that we will be staying with our friends at their house in the Toronto area.  Today it is freezing rain, hard rain, just plain Canadian spring weather at its worst!

Die Winter Die!  I want to return to my sewing machine and start quilting! 

Our island is blocked by 24" of remaining ice!
It sucks!

We travelled through Savannah area and came upon this open door leading to a little shop.  Is this not the best strippy stairs in the making?

I loved it and it was all hand painted, with a bright blue door  at the bottom.  It had even flip flops, fish, circles, squares and lots of applique looking designs going up.  So well done!

We are happy to be almost "home".  Our friends have been very gracious in opening their home to us. 

I'll try to be a good guest.  Cause you know.....after three days guests can be like fish!

Stella D'oro lilies and us!  My wonder dog just loved all these flowers in Georgia that were beginning to bloom the first week of April.  Beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend!