Saturday, April 6, 2013


 So, we arrived in Charleston SC, to spring break people all over the place.  

We thought that was all over when we left Panama City Beach!  Not to be.

Up north, it has been quite cold, so we are awaiting a bit warmer days before we head home to the island.

The cartoon was posted by a friend who lives in Wisconsin and they are getting lots of snow still.  Just so you know.

Our wonderful dog Wilson had his first encounter in Charleston with a horse.  He growled!  Honestly, terriers have no fear.

I hope you will all forgive my being nowhere on the blogs this winter, but life just happened and I have been remiss.   Time flew by to the point that five months have flown by to which I apologize for not being here.

Spring must be around the corner, we are in North Carolina today as well as a few more days, in NASCAR country.  We visited a few garages which it turns out do not open Saturdays.  Sad for us as we are sure they are not open on Sundays.

My friend Mary advised that she has homemade foods ready for us and that it is warming time in Ontario.  It better be as I do not have socks!  Well I do, but am not going to wear them.  So there!

PS.  Welcome back to heart is so happy!