Thursday, December 30, 2010


About four days before Christmas, my friend Mary, where we spent the day,suggested that her daughter Michelle would just love an apron!

We looked a aprons at the stores, we decided that we wanted more funky styles and would make them for the
girls, Kelly, Michelle, and Carolyn who
is my son Martin's significant other!

As you can see, the girls loved the gifts.
They thought we had bought them! Imagine!
Anyway, as I made the aprons, I started to experiment with the pattern, finally making two that are completely reversable and just so cute!
We used retro sheets that Mary found
last summer, some of the little stash
I had and made three . The first one I
just didn't like the look of it so it was
discarded and used as a template of
what I didn't want.
We sadly have no photo of Carolyn (who was deathly ill with the flu) whose apple pie would have completed her June Cleaver look, but we got Courtney to pose for the photo op in the orange apron. Note please the last, the very last of the orange dots!
I tell you this was such fun to do, Mary picked out the fabrics, I sewed with gusto to say the least, but the best part was the girls' reactions.
They love them!

I was reading on Jane's blog that she is redoing her sewing area, well that's what I've been doing too! I made a new ironing board cover. Mine must be about 25 yrs old, but it was like a hot pad and I loved it! I kept it underneath the new one that I made from a sheet...again a goodwill find. My little corner in the basement looks ready for projects.

Happy New Year certainly have been a godsend this year, specially with my recovery from surgery. My leg is still a bit longer than I'd like, but I'm walking pain free!

Thank you all!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This isthe most popular you tube ever! Since November 2010 this video has had over 25 million its.
Merry Christmas and enjoy this wonderful surprise!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've never downloaded a video, but this was Christmas Lights at the most extreme.

Enjoy the holidays, see you in the new year.

Friday, December 17, 2010


What does one do when recouping from a hip replacement when the therapy is finished for the day, the eyes don't want to read another word, and the fingers say "enough knitting already"?
I got hooked on Sex and the City. Since we had PVR, I just taped episodes to watch when I had my coffee in the mornings when my mind needed to escape from what I was putting my body through.
I never watched the show when it was on air...don't know why but I didn't. I got hooked in October after coming home. Now you can imagine how many
episodes I watched as there were two a day through
the week, and I realized that on midnight
no less they aired 7 shows in a row which accounted
for my dilemna of what happened between Friday
and Monday when I'd look at the show and think that
I'd missed something.
Now, I think I never watched the show because for the life of me I don't know how Sara J P ever became a star, but this was it! She was Carrie and even though she's not a beauty she pulled this off in spades!
I loved her character and all her friends made girlfriends a capital "G". Everytime I've had lunch with girlfriends we were like these four women who had lunch and discussed what we all know is "girl
talk"....right? We don't repeat it, we just listen.
Then there were the men! Chris Noth
was "Big" and he was bigger than life and when they could feel the magic between them from the get go!

He was a mature guy, had lots of money
and he and Carrie just had it and the tension between them was always there.

Jason Lewis should be a major major star! He is
a real hunk! Wishing I was younger sometimes, but wow who but "Smith" would make Samantha faithful? I had to look up his name when I first saw him...and he's straight too! Not that it would matter, he's so georgous!
Anyway girls, I'm better, walking without a cane even although I must remember my posture! Walk straight! So, my Sex and the City days are over, I've seen what must be four years in the past seven weeks!
I've also watched Band of Brothers over again. Yeah yeah, my interests are from one spectrum to the other, but I'm happy to be moving around, and actually went shopping with Courtney who is back from university for a couple of weeks. She was the one who reminded me of the walking straight excercise!
It's Friday...almost Christmas.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I am thankul that we didn't get this much snow.
About 75 miles north west of us they got hammered!
This photo is from the Weather Network of Beeton Ontario which is a small town. London Ontario also got so much that schools, buses etc were halted and snow days were issued! Fun for kids, but not if you had to shovel 40 inches of snow in four days!
Here in Whitby, we got a smattering...just enough to push the snow off the driveway..I'm thankful.
. my six week check up with the good doctor who replaced my hip. I wonder what they do with the old bones? Anyway, let's see what he says about the little problem of a little bit of extra length on the leg.
Yesterday, I actually went out in the car by myself. I cannot tell you the feeling of freedom! I called a girlfriend from the car saying I felt so free and she asked if I had my passport with me and if so, swing by and pick her up as she needed to go somewhere too!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm starting off by stating the obvious for those of us living in Ontario this past weekend. It felt like "two feet of snow".... which is the photo on the right! Isn't that cute? I found this on the web .... we actually didn't have that much snow here, but some folks near Buffalo NY had it and we are only about 120 miles from there.
Yeah, winter is here, and summer went to Australia for the winter!
Do you remember my Spring Fling quilt that I started early in the summer this year? Well believe it or not, I'm back at finishing it as I
am now able to sit at the machine without
stresses on my hip.

Each day, I'm better and better with walking and doing things. It's always a new discovery each day as I'm getting stronger and stronger.
So Saturday, I ventured down to the basement to check out my poor ignored sewing area. Since coming home from the cottage it has been so neglected. I haven't put all things from the cottage
away even and had to search through
for my attachments.
So, I pressed and organized myself and managed to stipple down one side of the quilt only to find that I had turned under a section of the back. Of course I've not lost my skills in stitch picking, and which of us do, so I picked about 12" of the edge of the quilt.
I've decided that one side a day will suffice this girl. Not only that, this quilt is a queen so that's a bit of a stretch of sitting. So today, I shall try to do a bit more.
My sweetie put the lights on our blue spruce tree in the front yard and it looks spectactular! Old fashioned looking, all different colours, which remind us both of our childhoods.
I'm sitting her blogging and see on the tv a product called "twittens" which is gloves that are able to become fingerless gloves....just an adaption of what we've been doing for years. Hot off the presses in Canada...back ordered too! I make fingerless gloves for my grandkids all the time in funky colours.
Happy to blog on a snowy Monday...

Friday, December 3, 2010


When I started blogging there were a few of you who dropped in to visit unannounced!

One of them was Barb from Bejeweled Quilts. What made her blog so great besides her quirkey way of writing about her life, was that she lived in American Samoa!

Now, how many of us live in an exotic
land? She did. I was living a bit of her
life as Barb went through her weeks,
her months and her few years living on
this beautiful Island.

Over time, she posted some beautiful photos, of which I'm showing a few today.

Barb named her blog "Bejeweled Quilts" because at one time she as addicted to the game Bejeweled....hence the name
of her blog...Cute heh?

She lived through a tsunami a couple of years ago and posted photos of the destruction on one side of her lovely little paradise.

Barb, not one to be dismayed started asking for pillow cases for her island people and we that follow her blog sent goodies...she also taught local ladies how to sew and quilt, encouraged young people to become involved.

I followed Barb's adventures of visiting her sons and invading them with sewing machine and fabrics, totally disrupting their lives with them loving every Mom was there.

So, an era has come to an end. Barb and her darling guy are moving on to another adventure in life. I shall miss Samoa and Barb's stories, but I'm thinking that no matter where Barb goes adventure will surely follow.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I didn't post last week as my progress
in walking with just a cane seemed to be an effort in my hip replacement therapy.
Then I realized, it wasn't even a month! So now I'm feeling better about it all.
I decided to post my favourite thing today as this quilt...It always is a hit when anyone who looks at my work and comes to this's always, ohs and ahs as it's different from anything that
I've done.
This was my friend Helen's magazine
that she had . From the moment I saw
this, I loved it. Of course I had to use
scraps as I was at the cottage at the time
so used up what I had there. Purple?
When did I ever think I'd do something
in this colour? But the result just is
so satisfying and it's my sweetie's
favourite that's why it becomes
FTF for me!
We left the cottage a month ago in the best of the season! The sun was shining, and all was well with the world.
.Helen and Derek were still there, they were closing up the following week. Most of the cottages were also closed as the weather was getting iffy, if you know
what I mean. Hurricane season brings
out crazy winds and storms, so we
closed with the help of Bob and Mary
and came home to plan my life after
Well, winter has come to our lake, there was snow over night and most of the schools in the area surrounding the lake are closed due to winter blizzards and icey roads.
I'm doing much better with the cane each day. I still am amazed at the lack of any pain. Wonderful feelings as each day I slowly get back into my routines.
I'm cooking most meals although my sweetie says that I do leave messes in "his" kitchen. Try cooking and walking with one hand on a walker, it's not easy. But he cleans up really well and appreciates that I am able to cook once again.
Thanks for all your notes of encouragement and kindness. I feel loved by all my blogging buddies.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Usually there is a photo to accompany my favourite things on Friday. Not so today. My FTF this week is LOVE...
It's what I've been feeling since my sweetie brought me home.

He's been right by my side, helping me get in and out of bed, setting up the shower each and every day, making sure my clothes (ok, pjay tops and bottoms) are right and ready.

Best of all, the service! For a guy who didn't cook much...bacon and eggs and such being his forte...he has excelled beyond the call of duty.

Here I am almost three weeks from surgery, and still getting all the committment from my sweetie.

It just doesn't get any better! So thank you sweetie!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Today is week two of the recovery of the hip replacement....I still don't have too much energy but am showering by myself...getting in and out of bed by myself...wahoo!
I can't believe that the above does tire me out though. I do my exercises three to four times a day and after that, I'm done.
I want to be on a beach somewhere when recovered and able to walk without the aid of
My leg feels it me? The therapis says it's common because of swelling etc.
I'm not doing much, have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...excellent read. I'd started it last spring and didn't give it a shot...this time it was a super read.
The lovely photo was taken by someone on holiday in the Virgin Islands...bliss!
I forgot to mention that my sweetie is doing an amazing job as my private duty nurse. I tell you that for a guy whose cooking was limited to bacon and eggs, he's become a chef extraordinaire!
I'm so grateful for his love and attention!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hi everyone: I'm just posting a short not as Karen suggested to let you know that I arrived home on Saturday.

There's no place like home. Hospitals just don't have the charm I need.

I'm a couple of days behind in my therapy due to low blood pressure, but the therapist has been here already and says not to worry about any of my progress. Slowly but surely does the job.

I've very little pain but some discomfort which is to be expected. Having a sleep in one's own bed is bliss. My sweetie is so much a better nurse than I can ever expect to be.

Thanks for all you notes of encouragement. It made my day to open the mail today!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Wouldn't you know it....I have a bit of a cold!

It's one day before the big operation! Why me?
I've never even had a sniffle for about five years!

My friend Mary the nurse says that because they are giving me an epideral (?) that the operation will probably be a go!

OMG! You all know I've been waiting a year for this to happen! I'm packed, I've made loose fitting bottom to do the walking and therapy and now this!

So, I'm posting a flower in hopes that this brings me luck for tomorrow and besides, it's still in bloom in someone's garden in the area...How good is that?

So, hopefully this is my last post till I'm in better shape to sit here at the computer and send you little blog notes!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's Thanksgiving at Mary's....we are making a
tradition of invading Mary and Bob's for great
food, great conversation, and I get to see these
three granddaughters who give me joy!

Thanksgiving is a family affair, although with so much going on in the lives of the family, and the distance to travel, only part of us get together.

Bob and Mary are a small family, but they cook big! We eat big and fill in all the empty seats that Mary can place!

This year, we had glorious weather. We were all gathered around the pond that is spectacular and Bob's hobby with the fish and waterfall and grasses making the back yard an oasis!

The girls hadn't really seen the yard before, in full fall bloom so lots of photos were taken.

Thanksgiving for us means the close of the cottage which is always sad, but also the new beginning of the "dinner circuit" as we call dinner parties at home.

This year, Thankgiving means a new hip for me, which means no more hobbling.
It's my favourite !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We are early to bed people, have been for years, but when our grandson asked us to meet him at the airport at 1 am, well we stayed up, (didn't dare sleep in case) and went to the airport to see our boy get off the plane with two medals from the Pan Am Canoe/Kayak Competition in Mexico City.

He was met with open arms by his blurry eyed Poppa!

We viewed a silver and a bronze medal from his first international competition!

When asked what was the best thing? He said it was
the experience of meeting new people, and learning
that Mexico City air is unlike anything he has
ever experienced! He was happy to breath fresh
air in Canada! But loved the people who were
very friendly.

A few weeks back I won a book from Sweet P Quilting, and it has finally about snail mail...I'm reading something else right now, but have read a few pages of this little book which looks interesting.

Next read for me, then I'm having a giveaway to send it on to someone else. Thank you Paulette!

12 days to go!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


When I awoke this passed Monday morning, which was the last day of our cottage season, the moon was visible at around 6:15 am in the sky. I lay back down in bed to take this photo.

Five minutes later, the moon was gone, the sun was rising in the eastern sky and our closing of our little precious paradise was beginning!

The dogs, were totally confused this day as there
was so much going on...they couldn't figure out
sit, run or just eat! They sat like this for most of the morning....waiting.

They stayed close to me all morning as there usually isn't so much activity going on in the day for them anyway.

We, Bob, Mary, me, with Jerry directing the closing all had so much to do, putting up shutters, making sure all doors and windows were secure, and for Mary and I, setting the cottage in order
for spring opening.
We cleaned out the fridge, gave it a great washing
and literally backed our way out of the cottage
as we checked each room.

We finished around 3pm that afternoon.
All water was turned off, the cottage boarded up completely. Last year for the first time, we heard that there were breakins, or attempted break ins on our little island. So we secured the cottage as best we could.
The day was georgous as only fall days can be anywhere as the trees are in the best of colours.
We often think that it would be nice to have
such colours all season long, but then we would
say that isn't the green trees the best!

So, the last photo is of the colours as we left the lake.
I'm back home getting ready for my hip surgery, so have been very busy all week going to doctor appointments which include sitting and waiting to get all the paper work, xrays etc done for the big day.
Now, of course I decided that losing a bit of weight would be good! Yeah, I had all summer to do this, but didn't get in the mode till I'm just about ready to go under the knife as it goes.
Another two weeks....can't wait.

Friday, October 1, 2010


So,each Friday, the rule of the blog is to blog about a favourite (Canadian spelling Chris) thing.

Being a thoughtful girl, and simple minded at times, I thought about what is fabulous for me as my age is creeping up on me more quickly than I really expected.

So, as I am a hobbling queen this summer, I think I love, love, love, my dishwasher with its prewash cycle...

It takes only 13 litres of water for a full load...don't even ask me how much 13 litres is, but it sounds like only a bit of water. I read that 20-25 litres is what it takes to wash by hand. So having a septic system, my sweetie when he remodeled the kitchen at the cottage put in this dishwasher.

It's amazing and cleans everything really well.

This is going to be hard to do a FFF each week. I'm going to try to keep up the heavy schedule that "Quilting in my Pyjamas" aka the general has put on those of us that have decided to join.

I also want to add this little joke.

A woman is caught for stealing a can of peaches. She arrives to face the judge....he asks her how many peaches were in the can....she says "6, your honour"....the judge says that ok then...six days in jail....from the back of the courtroom comes a voice...."she also stole a can of peas!"

I'm loving this joke!

So, thinking and thinking,

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Back to the cottge we came on Monday. We arrived in great weather for the only day in the past week.

Well, it was short-lived as it has rained every day since...The black-eyed susans are still so vibrant and are still standing up well to the season.

With the power outage, it paid to have an up to date fridge. We didn't lose any foods in the freezer. The fridge which had cream on the door was the part that we dumped if there was dairy stuffs.

With 72 hours of no power I did get rid of the
eggs, milk, and a few cheeses in the tubs...You
know the ones I mean. But having said that
I was amazed at how everything was actually

When autumn comes to the lake, the mornings are sometimes very misty as the lake is cooling, the weather is still warm, or the reverse happens, the air can be cooler than the lake; so we get sunrises as you see. I took this quickly as the sun burns off the mist and the moment is lost. The sun didn't last...the rain followed within the hour.

The BEAR! Well he did come back while we were gone and tore the handles from the bunker (my
name) and stole another garbage bin!

The count is bear-3, me- 0! We have not seen the bin even though we walked up the the back of the property which has power lines that are cleared for a sign of the third garbage, nothing!

So, we've left the lights on outside at night since Monday with no sign of the bear! I think that it has moved on...and I'm pretty clear that bears come back to food sources for a long time....well no bear is around as there isn't much in the food source on this island to help a bear bulk up for the winter

He's moved on! I'm still taking Wilson out on the leash at night as the rain has probably killed any bear scents that were there! Little hunter that he is...we paid too much money for him to have a run in with any critter! I won't call him stupid because then I get a nasty note from Sewlmate Sister harrassing me of my choice of words for describing the dog!

We are cosy as the wood burning stove is on for most of the day to just keep the humidity out of the cottage.

Four days to leaving for the year....the season is changing so quickly, the trees are in full colour which hopefully we get a chance to take shots this weekend. We will be saying goodbye to 65 plus weather to mid 40-50s.... a cold front is coming, it's time to leave.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


When you see the cottage sparkling's time for closing up. Mary and I went through the cottage and bunkies, putting everything away, sorting through stuff and giving thorough washings of everything!

We only have the kitchen to do when we go back next week. Well Bob and Mary are coming, we are leaving for the cottage tomorrow.

There have been storms which knocked out the power for 72 hours, so I don't know how the food stuffs we left will have survived....thankfully we
have brought a lot home.

Each year we must remove our docks which
extend out onto the lake about 50 ft or more.
It's always been a monstrous job for the men to
do. We've put them at Helen's beach for the past 8 years or so, but this year we floated them to a secluded spot on the lake.

The guys found it so much easier and with Mary being the director of operations, that is, her job was just to watch the floating docks to make sure all was straight and that she could say "stop" when everything was in place, she went on the little expedition to the far side of the lake.

Bob felt like King Tut floating down the river for a while there...

In the little bay where the docks are stored the gang came upon a loon's nest. The photo shows the homemade nest made by a cottager out of pvc pipes, with a mesh nest and debris put on the top.

These nests are located a bit off shore, keeping the loons safe from predators. I'd honestly never seen one so it was very interesting to note the way it had been placed.

Then my sweetie said that there was one located close to us too! It's tucked into a small cove on our island...I do think it will be moved though as I find our end of the lake a bit rough for nesting loons. But having said that, now that I shall be agile next year, I will be able to monitor the nests and let you know if there are indeed babies in the nests.

We also saw a beaver dam on the far side of our island tucked into a secluded area although no sign of the beaver...this guy doesn't know he's supposed to live is more shallow waters. Jerry said it was about 40 ft deep where it was. Quite the ambitious little guy. This is the same beaver that has been trying to eat his way through a 40 ft oak on Helen and Derek's cottage property.. each time they come back to the cottage they see signs that he's been there working away (like a beaver) I couldn't resist that.

So next week is our last for the season...I've got my quilting boxes etc down in the basement ready for sorting. All appointments have been made for the hip surgery on the 25th October.
I don't know anyone who is more looking forward to having this done.

I dream of walking normal through Ikea no less....those of us in Canada know the commercial that says "Start the Car!" as a woman runs through Ikea not believing the prices...well that's my dream....just going through there at a good clip.

Tomorrow, the 26th is my birthday...I'm having a glass of wine to cheer me and then Karen who just had a birthday on the 24th. I know so many people that I share my day with....lots of toasts and thanks once again.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I was reading the blog "Quilting in my Pyjamas"
which I do too don't you? Anyway she has this
thing that she does on Fridays...

It doesn't have to be serious, which hers is as serious as she can possibly be, which is always funny anyway, but here's my first thing.

Sunrise! I love sunrises at the cottage. It's a quiet time of the day, the lake is usually quite calm, the colours are always different depending on the season, and my little hummers are always starving at this time of the day.

This is when I hear loons, more often hearing than seeing because this lake has so many echos
that carry for miles.

I often take my coffee, sit on the deck and admire nature around us and count my blessings
that we found this magical place ten years ago.

This is my first Favourite Friday posting.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last night around midnight we awoke to the worst noise of the night ever at the cottage.

There was crashing of our garbage bins, which needless to say awoke us from a sound night's sleep.

We jumped out of bed....well as much as two people who hobble can, to see what the devil was out there!

In the ten years we have been here, never and I mean never have the coons been able to open the garbage bins which are a Rubbermaid that I no longer can find.

The bins have a lock top and no raccoon has ever been able to figure out how to open them.

Well, last night three were destroyed along
with smashed tops and dragged about 200 ft
up the hill behind the cottage.

We didn't see a critter at all, we only saw one bin moved and broken at this time. Then I suppose an hour or so later as we had brought in one bin which only had some paper in it, and thought that was it, we were awaken once more.

Again this banging of bins, which was the bin with the tins and glass which makes an awful noise anyway, out we go to see that now only the bin with the glass and tin is left!

How could a raccoon carry three bins with garbage up over the septic bed and up a hill I ask you? I think it was a bear which would be in transit as we
don't have enough food to sustain bears on the island except of course garbage now and then. So the bears would move island to island then to land for the winter season in any event.

Now, as you know I still have my little hummers around, so for the first time ever, there was a destroyed feeder hanging about 10 ft off the steps usually which was broken and a tooth or claw mark on the feeder part!

In the middle of the night, the second time around the dog got out and headed up the hill. Of course being a Westie he doesn't come when called and we shouted loud enough to wake the dead! " You little......get back here!" Finally, we got the leash out and started up the hill with a flashlight, the leash, following all the garbage and finally the stupid dog sees the leash and thinks he's going for a walk so he comes running to the leash! Holy s...., we started laughing at the two of us, in slippers jackets, flashlights, and a dog with a wagging tail....

Today, my sweetie is building a bomb proof shelter for the garbage. Whether it was a bear or raccoon, we will be secure from any more invasions. I'll take a photo when it's done, but not today, it's a secret project.

NB> the photos are web shots, not the actual invadors!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Do you remember being nine months pregnant and getting an incredible burst of energy?

Well this happened to me today! I'm telling you I can't get over it and I'm still in the mode as I write this!

This fabulous loon with a young appeared close to our dock this weekend. Helen saw it eating a fish! At first she wondered what it had in it's mouth, then realized that it had just come up from fishing off her dock.

I had the telephoto handy and managed to get
a few shots of this magnificent creature!

We had a new roof put on our "little" bunkie. it was a huge mess when the roofers took the old shingles off the roof and there was so much little bits of tar and hemlock needles that came through the ceiling that my sweetie and Bob, (who is really anal when it comes to cleaning) took everything out of the bunkie, vacuumed, washed and put everything back to make it look like it is ready for guests!

Our season is winding down so I don't think anyone will actually come to use it again this year
so we will probably start putting umbrellas, chairs
lifejackets and anything else in it for the winter

This morning, after having coffee I started cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, the fridge, and the big green cupboard in the family room to put it all in order.

You know me, I'm so in need of a new hip and I hobble around now that I'm only about nine weeks till surgery, so where I got this energy is beyond me!

The kitchen is super clean, the cupboards all tidied, even dinner was prepped as I was doing
all my kitchen stuff.

Still on the move, I cut out and sewed two, yep count em two of the above bags, only used beige straps, then cut out a pair of pyjamas bottoms and sewed those suckers up too!

My sewing area is now a bit lighter and I'm feeling good about my day. I took the dog for a short walk to the neighbours as he just needs to go a bit to feel he's been away...stupid dog, it took me about 7 minutes total, there and back.

We had actually planned to go for a boat ride this afternoon but the wind came up, the docks are rolling once again and we are expecting thunder and lightning and the rain that follows.

My sweetie thinks we should prepare to have a wood fire soon as it's going to get cooler quite quickly, but still the humming birds are here, two of them today at the feeders.

I've managed to get more done today than I have all this summer...where did that come from?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


When Helen gets creative, she really gets her mojo working. She decided to start using up scraps that she has had for ever in her box of goodies.

So here is the back first, of her wonky Ohio Star little quilt she created. See how precise her star's why she perseveres with me..she thinks I can do this stuff!

The back of the quilt is as lovely as the front. I love the colours she used to make the back as interesting as the front.

You know me, I have a hard time downloading is sequence, so here is her amazing little Wonky Ohio Star quilt which measures about 36" square. There is off white in the squares as she tea dyed the white to give interest to the quilt....yeah she did.

I'm going to try to make a wonky Ohio Star quilt soon. I just love this.

When Helen goes to visit her mother who still lives independently at 90 yrs old. What a woman. She taught Helen at an early age to do small stitches, small fiddly things, teeny tiny Helen makes these little bears!

They are hand stitched, stuffed and you can see the size of them in Andrea's hand. Now Andrea is her mother's daughter, but never will she attempt this stuff! We let Helen
have her fun. Honestly I couldn't see where she stitched this together!

We've had another storm come through, which I shall post tomorrow because a tree came so close to destroying the roof of Helen's cottage last night that the men went to see what the racket was about.

All is safe as the tree hit another before it landed on the roof without any damage except for shaking the cottage and all that were in it.

A recommendation for ladies that like to sew is "Valentino, the Last Emperor" which the ladies viewed last night. Talk about sewing! All his dresses are sewn by hand and this was a docu drama on his life and the workings of the designer...totally for women who sew!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Remember the "new" neighbours? Well this is the
last bouquet of the summer. The flowers lasted
over two weeks because I knew that Kent would
not be back for the month of September

All summer long he brought flowers for me. I know that it's fall now as the glads are done, the kids are back in school, the lake is quiet, it's raining, it's getting a bit chilly at night, so it's a sign that the end of the season is near.

I actually finished piecing the nine patch that I started in July, but don't have backing for it as yet, so I decided to work on the Eleanor Burns quilt,"flying into spring" which is now flying into fall..


Someone posted a "slow poke quilter" and I would
have won a prize for being such a slow poke this
past summer. I do think it was the weather!

.I've got all the stippling done on the quilt, but do think that the flowers need to be tacked down. Helen is coming to have a boo at it today to give me some idea of what to do.

The geese will just be outlined inside the borders as they need achoring too.
The basting which was done by a quilt shop in Orillia was just amazing and made my work so much easier. I don't think I could have put this
together otherwise.

I was talking to one of my blogging friends this past week and noted that we came to the cottage in 2000 with a boat load of our stuff thinking that we would never again need to load up the car and that all the hard work was done!
The following year you see on the photo that we really needed more "stuff". We looked like the Beverhill Billies (aka the Clampetts) and people were taking photos of the barge as they'd never seen the barge filled like that!
Well we needed the sunroom, and my sweetie figured that if we were paying for the barge we
may as well load it up!
The barge had all the lumber for building the sunroom. We hired people to unload it all and withing a week the foundations were done for the addition of the sunroom
This is what was accomplished on the first day!
It was the middle of May when this was all started and by the end of August, the room was enclosed with the windows!

That September we had such a storm which was the result of the winds from a hurricane that for
the life of me I can't remember, but it was a
night of terror for us here at the cottage.


The windows are weatherwalls which are built to withstand winds of about 65 mph, and we here well over that on that night.
There was minor damage to the boats, branches were down but the windows withstood the winds!
As Earl went through the areas last week I was reminded of that storm and our life as it began here at the cottage.

So, I've posted a few of our photos here for you
to see the changes.
The "Great Room" as it was aptly named by our daughter Kelly is still the place where we all gather for events, and my little quilting studio in the summer is in one corner of the fabulous room that was built by my sweetie.

ps...can someone tell me how I remove this
extra photo?
Thank you's gone!