Thursday, September 9, 2010


When Helen gets creative, she really gets her mojo working. She decided to start using up scraps that she has had for ever in her box of goodies.

So here is the back first, of her wonky Ohio Star little quilt she created. See how precise her star's why she perseveres with me..she thinks I can do this stuff!

The back of the quilt is as lovely as the front. I love the colours she used to make the back as interesting as the front.

You know me, I have a hard time downloading is sequence, so here is her amazing little Wonky Ohio Star quilt which measures about 36" square. There is off white in the squares as she tea dyed the white to give interest to the quilt....yeah she did.

I'm going to try to make a wonky Ohio Star quilt soon. I just love this.

When Helen goes to visit her mother who still lives independently at 90 yrs old. What a woman. She taught Helen at an early age to do small stitches, small fiddly things, teeny tiny Helen makes these little bears!

They are hand stitched, stuffed and you can see the size of them in Andrea's hand. Now Andrea is her mother's daughter, but never will she attempt this stuff! We let Helen
have her fun. Honestly I couldn't see where she stitched this together!

We've had another storm come through, which I shall post tomorrow because a tree came so close to destroying the roof of Helen's cottage last night that the men went to see what the racket was about.

All is safe as the tree hit another before it landed on the roof without any damage except for shaking the cottage and all that were in it.

A recommendation for ladies that like to sew is "Valentino, the Last Emperor" which the ladies viewed last night. Talk about sewing! All his dresses are sewn by hand and this was a docu drama on his life and the workings of the designer...totally for women who sew!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Remember the "new" neighbours? Well this is the
last bouquet of the summer. The flowers lasted
over two weeks because I knew that Kent would
not be back for the month of September

All summer long he brought flowers for me. I know that it's fall now as the glads are done, the kids are back in school, the lake is quiet, it's raining, it's getting a bit chilly at night, so it's a sign that the end of the season is near.

I actually finished piecing the nine patch that I started in July, but don't have backing for it as yet, so I decided to work on the Eleanor Burns quilt,"flying into spring" which is now flying into fall..


Someone posted a "slow poke quilter" and I would
have won a prize for being such a slow poke this
past summer. I do think it was the weather!

.I've got all the stippling done on the quilt, but do think that the flowers need to be tacked down. Helen is coming to have a boo at it today to give me some idea of what to do.

The geese will just be outlined inside the borders as they need achoring too.
The basting which was done by a quilt shop in Orillia was just amazing and made my work so much easier. I don't think I could have put this
together otherwise.

I was talking to one of my blogging friends this past week and noted that we came to the cottage in 2000 with a boat load of our stuff thinking that we would never again need to load up the car and that all the hard work was done!
The following year you see on the photo that we really needed more "stuff". We looked like the Beverhill Billies (aka the Clampetts) and people were taking photos of the barge as they'd never seen the barge filled like that!
Well we needed the sunroom, and my sweetie figured that if we were paying for the barge we
may as well load it up!
The barge had all the lumber for building the sunroom. We hired people to unload it all and withing a week the foundations were done for the addition of the sunroom
This is what was accomplished on the first day!
It was the middle of May when this was all started and by the end of August, the room was enclosed with the windows!

That September we had such a storm which was the result of the winds from a hurricane that for
the life of me I can't remember, but it was a
night of terror for us here at the cottage.


The windows are weatherwalls which are built to withstand winds of about 65 mph, and we here well over that on that night.
There was minor damage to the boats, branches were down but the windows withstood the winds!
As Earl went through the areas last week I was reminded of that storm and our life as it began here at the cottage.

So, I've posted a few of our photos here for you
to see the changes.
The "Great Room" as it was aptly named by our daughter Kelly is still the place where we all gather for events, and my little quilting studio in the summer is in one corner of the fabulous room that was built by my sweetie.

ps...can someone tell me how I remove this
extra photo?
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