Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's been cold, too cold for me to go to the basement to sew, maybe it's just me, but I just didn't want to go down there last week.

So I knit...I knit socks, one pair went to my sweetie to keep his tootsies warm while doing his exercises and moaning a lot, but still going through the discomfort of knee

The colours don't show as well in the
photos here, but there is a yellow pair
then a white pair which would fit me, but which will probably go to one of
the girls.
And another yellow pair.

I had also bought some bright coloured wool when I was out to Fabricland last week and decided that I would make what is called in our family, Happy Feet....The sizes are the same but the colours are just for fun and a lot more fun to knit as well. The girls love these and their 
friends are always asking where they 
got them.

The pattern is very easy, from 
Canadian Living Magazine that I was
given.  So this green pair will be going to a good home as soon as one of the girls claims them.

Not being a Super Bowl fan, we relaxed at the table with a delicious ribs dinner and my sweetie has retired early so I'm blogging and visiting everyone tonight.  You are probably all watching the Green Bay Packers hopefully win....

Have you noticed the days getting longer?  We still have day light at 5:30 when the sun is shining it's a sign that we are not far from spring...can't wait for it.