Thursday, July 23, 2009


I joined Crazy Mom Quilts online nine patch group
to make the second nine patch. I'm a bit behind
as usual. I didn't really want to even open the
Jelly Roll because it looked so neat. I mean neat
in the literal sense. All those colours wound in
a little roll, tied with the ribbon. I looked at it
for about 4 days till the ribbon was untied!

So I am off on a spree of cutting and making nine patch squares to at least keep up with the group.
80 squares to make the quilt is what she is asking for and I will have lots of fabric left over from the Oh Cherry Oh! I had a hard time deciding whether to just cut and do random squares or to take two pieces and make the nine patch. I am
doing the latter. I need symetry. I will have a few
with a bit of variation but all in all I love this quilt
so far.

My neighbours....(the ones with the mouse) have
this old quilt on a bed in their cottage. It was made
about 45 years ago and is still in excellent condition.
the binding needs replacing and has been repaired
a few times, but so far it's not bad. Machined
pieced, and hand quilted by Kent's grandmother.

I actually would have shown some of my nine patch squares but my granddaughter is here, has taken over my camera for a bit. I couldn't go through 100 photos to get a few of my stuff, so
another day.

See the golf driver at the right? Well my neighbour is making this into a clothes/towel hook for the cottage. She found the clubs in her barn when they bought the farm and always wondered what to do with them. She has four of them with wood handles. I don't know much about golf so don't laugh at my description of this stuff. She cut the handles off as best she could and has put a screw in the back of a piece of barnboard. She had a problem with one of the pieces so has put wood glue in the end of the place where the screw goes and if all else fails, she will see my sweetie to give her an idea about attaching the last hook to the board. Isn't it clever?

My middle son has come for a visit. He has been fed well, given his own room to sleep to his heart's content and to read his book. We had great weather for the past two days, but of course this being the summer from.......well the weather isn't going to co operate today and rain and thunder are coming.

Martin is heading home and leaving me a Alex to eat us out of house and home. Lots of food will be consummed in the next few days I tell you. It's what life is about if you are a kid at Nana's.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I couldn't believe that when we arrived at the city house on Friday that the Jelly Rolls that I had ordered from The Fat Quarter Club had arrived!

It took less than a week for the shipment from Texas to Ontario
I have Oh Cherry Oh and Swanky Chez Moi. Amandajean at crazy mom quilts is having another nine patch group. So since this is where I saw her Oh Cherry Oh quilt and loved it, the nine patch will be made of this one.
The other is still in the admiring mode. I have collected so much white to work with as another colour to the next few quilts that I may have to shop for white fabric soon. I like white as it's such an easy colour to add to any quilt that I make.
We have had rain (of course) even here yesterday although we sat under a sun umbrella and waited for it to pass. It is 59 degrees this morning. I am hoping that upon our return to the cottage we will finally have summer weather.

Walter Cronkite passed away yesterday. You know whenever I would hear his name mentioned, I always remembered him taking off his glasses as he was reporting the death of JFK. In our house when I was growing up, we finished dinner and my dad would listen to Walter Cronkite every night. We had our Canadian news later in the evening, but Walter Cronkite was always there each evening telling us the news in such a way as if he was talking just to us. A great influence on many lives I am sure. A man who had a good life.