Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 We moved from our so called "beach house."  I am pleased that the landlord was very accommodating and refunded most of our monies that had been advanced.

It just was not what we expected.  We wanted the feeling of being in Florida.

So, yesterday morning we packed up and found this little piece of paradise on the Panhandle, not too too far from where we were.  One
must believe in Karma!  We had passed this pink residential hotel a few times after getting lost, noting that it was right on the beach.

This is perfect!  I mean perfect!  Every unit is different, except that there is the same bedding which has these very very cute quilts on the beds.

 Also our living room has hand painted pillows.  They are very quilty looking and I think I may get into this when I return to the cottage.

Note for anyone older than 50, this is the original typewriter table, painted green and so wonderful to bring back memories.

We have a one bedroom, green walls, retro feel to the
unit, what with Marilyn, Liz Taylor,
and Bing Crosby on the walls. Also the bathroom floor is small black and white tiles.  Now if this isn't just the most perfect place!

The beach is close as you can see from the photos.  We cannot believe that we have found such a place.  It must be the best kept secret by snow birds! 

This morning, I stepped outstide with the dog, to smell the salt air and see the beginning of my happy days.

Helen if you read this, please send email to same address as I have lost my computer address book.  Same address at gmail.