Friday, July 20, 2012


What an honour to be the flag bearer for a Nation.  Simon Whitfield our long distance medalist from the last summer Olympics is Canada's choice.  Truly an honour for this athlete.

So many people got to have their photos taken with Simon including my grandchildren, Courtney and Jeremy.  Total Bliss as you can see!

Our hopefuls were at a reception for Simon at the canoe club where they train, work and do volunteer work.

A small affair at their club to send off the canoe/kayak Olympians ended up with hundreds of young and old paddlers sending them all off.  

I am so excited....can't wait.

I have been in the city getting my machine repaired and learned so much about what I did to my poor sewing machine.  First, I should have made sure that the fusible web was fused!  Then, not messed with the machine like I did.  I actually put the bobbin tension out.

Whatever, it is here and I am happy to have it back.

It is Friday after all, so my favourite thing today is being back home with my loves, the dog and the sweetie, not necessarily in that order!