Monday, March 11, 2013


I think I blogged about this shrug.  The first one I made would have fit a six year old, it was that small.

Well you know me, I am not afraid of anything!  So, I spent 2 1/2 hours almost taking the whole thing apart  and adjusted the tensions and came up with this.  It is now able to fit a body!

This girl (aren't they all nowadays?) was staying in a little villa for the weekend and modeled it.

It does still require a stick pin of sorts to finish it off, but it fits. 

If my butt wasn't quite as wide as it is, it probably would be good, but having said that, I am giving it to one of my granddaughters.   I tell you that patterns just do not turn out quite what the knitter expected, or they make mistakes in their writings.  Anyway it does look pretty good in real life.

The next photo was the  model on Lionbrand pattern, and there is no way this girl is above a size 2!

Also not included was a rear view of her skinny body.  Who
looks like this and is this size? She must have been six foot two!

I have made a few prayer shawls, which have been sold,   that was good as I have no idea what I would have done with them.  I have one which I use and others would have just taken up space.

I am surprised how many women don't know how to knit simple stitches, so next year, there will be a knitting group here in Florida.  Lots of sales, and lots of students to make simple, but effective things.

The prayer shawls were inspired from seeing photos of the Sandy Hook murders, and women wearing them.  It was fitting.

I have knit at least 10 pairs of socks!  Gave most of them away.  Socks for men, who now tell me that they think of me every night that they put them on!  Oh swell for me!

This pair is what my sweetie got.  Left overs of course, but  he doesn't care as long as he has them.  I even cut off the cuff of a pair and added new feet to them as the cuff take such a long time to seems to me anyway, so making the feet is half way done!

We have had so much fun here, but our days are down to single digits as by Friday the season is over at the Pineapple Villas.

We are down to the final eight, from the winter count of 20 of us.  Yes, spring must be just around the corner.  There have been double digit temperatures in Canada, and we count the days till we return to the cottage.

I tell you, we better get going as my sweetie has started doing a few things around our unit, fixing things here and there and complaining that he should have brought tools! 

Time to go from here.  We are heading south for a couple of weeks to a more holiday atmosphere and then we should be back in Canada.