Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ok here are two photos of a blanket that was handwoven and put together by my great grandmother who was an Acadian, in New Brunswick. The wool was spun from her sheep and what ever else they had to do. She fruit dyed the borders with what I believe is cranberry juice or raspberry. I don't know how it survived all these years, but it is in great shape and we do use it at times in cold days of winter. I do cherish it.

She was a great quilter too although none of her quilts have survived due to great use. There are 4 of these and I was lucky that my mother gave me hers. There are compensations for being an only daughter besides receiving jewelery...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is a quilt that was hand made by my grandmother in the 1950's. She loved this pattern and a lot of us have this quilt pattern. It is hand stitched, but machine pieced. I have used it and although it is still in good condition, I wonder if I should still use it.
It's amazing that I didn't try quilting as I have always liked quilts. I notice that my grandmother's quilts are all light in colour and the insides of them is very thin. I wonder what she used in them. None are done with the the battings that are available today.
Anyway, yesterday I decided to use a green fabric for the backing of my 3rd quilt. I have run out of painters tape to tape down the quilt, so today since I am playing bridge and going out, I shall get some tape.
The weather being so nice, yesterday afternoon I sat out and started taking the quilting out of a strippie quilt that I goofed up on and it is just a simple quilt so only took me a few hours of cutting and putting together. I shall use it as a lap quilt when I correct the lousy quilting I did.
I think I will try waves on the quilt when I do it.
Crazymom quilts did this on a simple quilt she made and I loved it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well here is my quilt top that I finished yesterday. I just don't know what colour to put on the backside of it. Being partial to white, I just don't feel that this requires white. Any ideas?
This measures 68 X 90, and is another "jewel" quilt, and I don't know where this name originated, but the number of pieces cut and the number of pieces required are two different things. I again have a lot of green and red triangles squared left over. Oh well I can use them for something else.
I bought some warm cotton batting yesterday, and also some varigated thread that I shall try on a strippie quilt that I experimented with. I am taking the quilted part apart, as I am not happy with the look of it. Oh well, I am going to sit in the backyard and pick at the stitches.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well good Monday morning to all. I am going to try to finish the top of the colourful quilt today. There is a sale at Fabricland of battings and I am going to stock up. I am still wondering what kind of batting is best for the quilt. I used the warm batting the last time and it was wonderful for the quilt in the ditch for the jewel quilt from Canadian Living.
The weather is so warm here in Whitby that the furnace is off and even the basement is quite warm where I quilt.
I shall try to post the photo of the layout of the quilt today if I can figure out the camera again.
I am anxious to try another method of quilting and shall try speed piecing in my next one. Oh boy, that should be fun as that is what crazymom quilts does I suspect as she puts her quilts together in no time at all.
Denise was my first viewer. I am so pleased, and there have been a couple more too, so I shall get this up and running in a better format.