Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 A while back my friend Shay (Quilting in my Pyjamas fame)  noted that she had this solitary zipper.

Heh, I blogged to her, send zipper and I will use it.

Well the zipper has arrived.  It is a lonely thing to see, one little blue zipper.

So Shay decided to add other goodies since she was mailing to Canada anyway.

This little item which looks like a pumpkin or maybe an orange strawberry is a bag.  It's pretty wrinkled when one opens it, but it will hold eggs, milk, bacon along with a few more grocery items. 

Oh, I've already tried it out because you know how much I like bags!  The cashier thought it was the coolest thing!

Ah the next goodie!  I cannot tell you how delish these little chocolate candies are.  I didn't even share them with my sweetie as he would have wanted too many. 

Shay said in her lovely little note that they aren't made too far from her home.  I'm thinking I would have applied as a taster for the company.  Very awesome taste.

The package also included this bag of yummies yet to be tasted.  But if they are half as good as the above, I won't share these either.

Thank you Shay for all of it.

We are house/dog sitting while our friends are in Cozumel, and not having the best weather because of rains.  Still better to be served in a lovely place by pleasant staff than having to prepare you own meals.

In Canada we are huge all inclusive people. There are hundreds of planes from Toronto alone that take people to all inclusive resorts to the Carribbean.  It's a very Canadian way of vacationing in the winter months.

The two little outfits on my right were made by my friend Helen at the cottage.  I haven't seen the many many other blocks that will result of this work, but you can be sure the final results  will be wonderful.

We are about 10 days away from leaving for Florida.  I am excited to leave to begin our adventure of the winter.  I know hundreds of thousands of people go south for the cold seasons but this is our first. 

I wish now that I had packed some fabrics to keep me busy when we left the cottage.  I've been knitting and donated a couple of dozen pairs of socks to a charity, but my left elbow seems to have some tendon issues so the little fingerless mittens are on hold for a bit which leaves me with not much to do.  Ah well, soon soon, I will be shopping at Joann's in Florida.

I know the weather in November is not always the best here in Canada and northern US, but gee we could have still been at the cottage!  Yesterday the temperatures were about 70 degrees, or about 18 Celcius.  Of course we are quite a bit further south than the cottage in Whitby, but still we could have been there because it is a mild fall season.