Friday, November 28, 2008


Well I have this "green " quilt top done. I wanted it to be more boyish so that I can pass it on to a boy, however I may have to ask opinions on this from family.
It's hard to do a boyish quilt without making it look babyish too. I didn't know what to do with this so I cut out 4 1/2" squares and put them together. I also have since added a blue sashing to the borders. It looks ok, not the oomph that I was looking for.
I hope to start basting it this morning if I can get going. I am putting a stripe as the backing. You know a lot of quilts don't show the back and it's as important as the front. I have a hard time putting colours together and if I saw the backs of quilts it might help me.
I'm going to buy some stash today as Fabricland has a 40% off sale and they need my money.
I hate spending right now as we are heading into a depression for the next while and I must justify any monies going out to feed my addiction. Oh I will mind you but still..........
Homemade beans are on our menu for tonight. I really like them and with a small crunchie salad they make a great meal. Besides the house will smell lovely all day long. I am a pretty basic cook, you know meat and potatoes etc but every so often I try a new dish. Well with our Christmas brunch coming up, yesterday I looked at a bunch of recipes to try. Reading the comments of recipes is a great way to decide.
I wasted so much time on this that I didn't get much else done. But the day was so dark because of the weather that it's hard to get motivated to do anything. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but no I 'm not so it's just the weather.
We also had the might Quincy visiting as we were minding him till Bob came home last night. He's too young, only 12 weeks old, to be left alone for a long time. He is growing so fast, but he loves to be here because Wilson will play with him and is so patient...except when it comes to food, boy then Q is put in his place.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is the final photo of the cottage work boat yesterday. The boats are all out of the water and the bays are freezing, snow has fallen, winter has arrived at our little place on earth where we dream of being each day.

Now the snowmobiles will be reving up their engines and getting ready for snow trails.

Me? I am quilting up a storm. I have almost finished a top which I'll post tomorrow as today is bridge day. Going to lunch with Dawn, we are celebrating being alive!

The new top is a lot of blue and green making it more boy friendly which is what I was hoping for as all my quilts are very "girly". It is simple 4 1/2" squares, and went together so fast that I was almost finished before 4 pm yesterday. I haven't figured out the sashing yet, so my little stash of fabrics may not do the trick. I may have to shop which is my least favorite part of quilting. I know that sounds strange, but I shop for a quilt, make it and move one, I don't know how I'll aquire a "stash".

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well this is a new one for me, Lisa at Cranberry Flats has tagged me which means I must come up with 7 books that I've read that are "different".

I don't know if I know 7, but here is one.

"Stealing Lillian" sort of like a comedy of errors book about a little girl who is kidnapped and then the kidnappers offer money to get her parents to take her back. The book is absolutely ancient and out of print, but my mother gave it to Jerry to keep. It's priceless.

"Armegedon" about the end of second world war when the alies are taking possession of Berlin. Seen through the eyes of an American Army Officer. It give insite into the European occupation in 1945.

"The Lovely Bones" I consider this little book as one of the saddest I've ever read and my granddaughter Tory who is an avid reader suggested this. I cried all the way through it. It's going to be made into a movie which will come out next year.

"Ireland With a Fridge" about a bloke who, on a drunken night accepts a bet to go about Ireland with a fridge on his back...funny.

"The Devil wears Prada" not much like the movie, funny and biting about the world of fashion and it's cutthroating at its best.

"Any book by Margaret Atwood" so strange that I cannot finish them. She is Canadian writer, and always gets nominated for her books, but I find them so awful, I can't ever finish them. So there, hope this counts.

"The Army" written by my son Martin when he was about 12 yrs old and it was a short story that I typed for his english project. Totally captivating, and it was about how ants work together and the day they made a bridge to cross a river, which at the end was a little stream about 3 " wide. So good a composition that I remember it.

Whew, on to number 6.

"The Camel Club" David Baldacci wrote this and it was the first of his books I had read, now of course I have read all his books, totally captivating and one of the best thriller writers.

"Forty Words" by Giles Blunt, who is Canadian author, writes about a fictional town up northern Ontario and has a recurring character in his detective thriller books.

I hope this is what is supposed to be written in the "Tagged" blogger series. I don't know if they are supposed to be really weird, or just "different" styles of readings.

I suppose all of us have read "Gone With the Wind" which stands up today as it did when written. My daughter went to see the movie when she was 12, didn't know Clark Gable and thought the author must have written the book with him in mind, because when she read the book that was how she pictured Rhett Butler...I always remember that.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I made thes "fingerless gloves" for the kids last year and I have worn them also. They can be worn over another pair of gloves if its quite cold (see last week). They don't take long to make and certainly if made in bright cheery colours would make a daring teen happy to have them.
I took this with my Canon SLR as I couldn't get the powershot Canon to download to the computer. Stupid thing. It works sometimes and then it gets tempermental. It worked fine on Saturday and as I sit here totally frustrated because it didn't work, it's started my day stressed out. The computer keeps saying that there is no camera settings. I'll take it to the store and have them look at it. I read the book, but since I have a hard time reading directions, that isn't going to help me at all.
It's warm out today, in the above freezing and I am actually looking forward to going out. Last week was so cold in Ontario here and most of the country for that matter that we all wanted to become groundhogs and hybernate. Not today. It's going to rain probably and I don't care. It's warm.
I am planning a family brunch to take place in a couple of weeks. I know the deserts, but the main courses are still bothering me as I don't want to make the usual sausage strata, even though the family loves it. I'll be surfing the net for some ideas for sure. Teens can be fussy and the party will mostly be teens, so I want to be prepared. Used to be that the kids had fruit and cereal, and bacon of course and then we the adults sat down and feasted....not now, everyone wants to feast.
I'm getting into the Christmas spirit I think...although I think it's way to early for the tree. Not till the tenth at least.