Friday, November 30, 2012


 When in Canada, to order online from anywhere in the United States, the delivery charge is $15.00  in US funds of course. 

So, here we are in Florida, and I am having so much fun.  The deal of "The Sweet Scoop"  daily deal from Missouri  Star Quilt company, delivered to Florida is less than $9.00 and not only that, they
have a daily deal.

This is my third order from them, others will be arriving. 

You can only order one at a time, so I set up an account for my sweetie and I can now get two of each of the deals.

It is less than the buying at a store for me.  I cannot find this kind of a deal anywhere in Canada. 

Here at our winter home, people come and
go all the time, but some, well some people stick in your heart and hopefully one will see them again.  Such is the new friends from Ontario who have been here a month.  Tomorrow is their last day!

The Snowbirds are arriving tomorrow afternoon for winter stays here in Florida.  Life will change and the afternoons by the pool will be much busier.

I am still knitting socks.  I have made five pairs in the last month, read a few books and walked my dog daily.  How come he looks fit and I still look the same? 

Have a great weekend!