Friday, October 2, 2009


See this suitcase? I found this photo in a magazine (Quilter's Newletter) and thought of Karen ( who has been on holidays this summer, taking fabulous photos of her trips and posting on her blog. See my sidebar Karen Quilts to see the great and unusual pics she and her husband have taken.
Anyway, when I saw this photo, it reminded me that if one is a hand quilter, then this little suitcase would have indeed been a perfect travelling companion for someone such as Karen.
Her hand quilting is extraordinaire so go have a look and enter her giveaway!
We have returned to our little cottage to find that the cold has indeed arrived at the lake for the weekend. Not too many cars at the marina and the island has only two inhabitants so far, well three, the mighty dog has come with us too!
The east wind is howling as I write this so it will make it difficult for the neighbours who will probably arrive at twilight which is now 7:30 pm. The lake level is very low so they will have to do a climb out of the boat of about 5 ft. Honestly the lake level has dropped that much in the past month.
Those of us who have floating docks are lucky. We do for the time being but next weekend they come out, so I think we will be having to roll out of the boat if we leave the island.
I think I am ready to leave for the warmth of our house. You know a furnace, a garage, all things automatic! After reading of Barb's (Bejeweled by Barb on sidebar) my little complaints are nothing. American Samoa needs some help, so I am going to do my best to send something to those people.
Have a good weekend. It's calling for rain, rain and more rain here, but we are warm and have food. We are blessed!